Normally I don't do blogs anymore since hardly anyone reads them but I will post this one, lately I had a couple of predictions of what would happen in MLP and it seems like some of those actually came true, some of them directly or some of them similar to what I thought. I will show you the list I have predicted so far. You have to remember that I did not follow MLP until before Season 3 so any episode before that is irrelevant here and also the EG films do not count on this list either. The ones crossed out has already happened.

There was a Apple Pie reference - an episode about Pinkie and the Apple family.

An scene where it rains in Caterlot - hasn't happened yet.

Sassaflash and Sea Swirl pairing gets popular - as of now they have appeared in a few scenes in the show but no EG appearances.

Sea Swirl gets another speaking role - hasn't happened yet.

Pinkie and Fluttershy having an episode together - it happened not too long ago.

An episode where Ponyville loses an event - hasn't happened yet.

An episode of Twilight without being around the Mane 6 - Does Twilight Time count?

Somepony questions Twilight obsession with friendship - I guess that happened.

An episode where somepony takes over Twilight duties for a day - not happened but there was one with Twilight doing AJ's chores.

A part where a villian is defeated without Twilight's help - it may happen.

A prequel episode where we saw how the Mane 6 lived just before Twilight appeared in Ponyville - We saw a bit of a prequel with Twilight's old friends, but that's it.

Where we saw a change in the Mane 6 - Starlight regularly appeared starting in Season 6.

An Episode in Baltimare particularly around Bronycon - hasn't happened yet.

A dialogue for Parasol - a scream in Tank for the Memories.

An episode with Octavia and DJ PON-3 as the main cast - a scene but no full episode on them.

Another scene with Wild Fire with her creator voice in it. - probably won't happen.

Chrysalis makes another appearance - not an actual one yet.

A football or hockey related episode - hasn't happened yet.

An episode with TF2 references - hasn't happened yet.

Octavia gets a solo - hasn't happened yet.

A part where a new mane 6 takes over - may happen.

So that's all my predictions for now, I'm not saying most of these will come true but just to see how many I will get correct and it's not just MLP that I got correct though. So that's it.