FANMADE Steph physarum's OC being happy


FANMADE Starwind looking nervous


Hey everyone, I've decided to release like a preview of a fanfic that I thought of. I had this story idea in my head after I acquired TheUltimateH4M's OC aka Starwind after he stopped using her and also the fact that him and the creator of the other OC are either no longer or are inactive admins as of 11/6/2015. I decided to put the inactive admin OCs and place them in a group called the Strangers where they are neither the Mane 6 or the current admin OCs although the two groups may have a role in the story if I'm planning to write more of it. Right now, I have no plans to release any future chapters knowing that I know that not many people will read the story anyway but we'll see, so here we go.

On a rainy day somewhere in a Manehatten apartment, Steph was just about to finish her studies, unfortunately for her, she does not happen to have a horn like what unicorns have so she was unable to learn magic but she had an interest in how unicorn magic worked but it was unusual for her considering that she was a earth pony.

“Ugh, this is so hard, I’m not sure how unicorns manage to do this stuff quite well.” Steph was tired from all the studying so she put all her books away and left her room to go to the kitchen. She went to the kitchen to get her favorite tea, but unfortunately for her, all the tea in the box had ran out, irritating her. “Starwind! Have you been drinking my tea again?” Steph angrily said to Starwind.

Starwind was Steph’s roommate but does pay rent along with her and therefore was allowed to live with her. “Um, I have actually, I couldn’t help it, it tasted so great!” Starwind responded. “But I would be happy to get whatever tea that you wanted.” Steph calmed down after a few moments and decided to answer Starwind. “Don’t worry about that, only because I love you as a friend and a roommate, how about you give me some options.”

Starwind who looked nervous after realising that she probably shouldn’t have drank Steph’s tea decided to go to the kitchen and gave Steph a wink. “Ok, I see what we have.”

Meanwhile Spike had just finished cleaning the apartment for the two, “Ok, I have done sweeping the floor and putting all the books back on the shelf, is there anything else that you want me to do?” Spike was temporarily living with the two because he’s not required to be at the Princess’ Castle because of Twilight being on vacation which normally happens during the Summer, of course those two having to pay Spike for his work because he is not their assistant but more of their housekeeper. “No, I guess it’s all good from the looks from here, great job, Spike.” Steph responded.

“That’s great! I was tired from doing all of that work.” Spike then threw his towel on the floor and was relieved to finally have some rest but just as he was about to do that, he coughed up a letter from Princess Celestia. Steph then grabbed the letter and read it. The letter read, “Steph and Starwind, I need you two to come to Canterlot as soon as you can, this is important. From Celestia.”

“This looks really important, looks like we have to get to Canterlot right away!” She later have to leave the apartment but realising that the rain was going to be a bit of a problem. “The rain isn’t going to be a problem for me, but what about Starwind? Maybe she’ll catch the next train to Canterlot, she’ll understand.” Steph then later left the apartment to get to the train station in the rain.

“Huh, seems like those two always have all of the fun.” Spike sighed. Meanwhile, Starwind came out of the kitchen with 3 glasses of drinks, which were 2 glasses of soda and 1 glass of water. “Ok, looks like I got some soda and w…” Starwind then stepped on the towel that Spike dropped on the floor and slipped dropping the plate and the three glasses spilling the drinks and breaking the glasses all over the floor.

Starwind then looked at Spike saying to him, “Where did she go?” Spike then responded to her, “Whoops, my bad, I’ll clean that up for you.”

Credit: Steph physarum for her OC, TheUltimateH4M for his former OC.