Hey there everyone, I was wondering if I should change my username here that I had for more than two years. Part of the reason I wanted to change it is because I wanted a bit of a fresh start because most of my old friends no longer come here regularly and I sort of moved on to my new and current friends that come here. Another reason is because the pony that my name is based on is no longer my favorite pony although I still like her a little bit and I have a thing for liking the main characters in shows and video games the most. (:P)

I'm not going to tell you what the new name is because someone might use that name before I change it if I gave it out, but I also have a feeling people are going to call me by my current name which happen to be Sea or Seaswirl. I don't plan to make the change until after I get my 365 consecutive day badge around in September just to be safe. What do you think?