aka Chelsea/Shrimp

  • I live in London
  • My occupation is Cartoons and Food .u.
  • I am What
  • MuffinWeirdo

    Hi, everypony and gentle colt. My name is MuffinWeirdo aka The Alicorn of ASCII xD

    But anyways nice to meet yer. I am a weird and also funny person. REMINDER: I am 9 years old. I talked to several mods about it they said it was fine [I will turn ten Dec.14]

    and nothing else right now. But, i will add to this time to time nice talking to ya.. or nice reading to ya I DON'T KNOW

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  • MuffinWeirdo

    A FlutterMac Fanfic [apples with extra love] (updated)It was a beautiful day in sweet apple acers Apple jack and Bigmac were working on the farm. And Apple bloom was playing with sweetie belle and scootaloo. And twilight reading her mind out.Spike playing with rainbow dash. Fluttershy having a conversation with rarity. And pinkie pie also having fun with rainbow dash and spike!Fluttershy, was asking rarity if she could make a outfit for angel. Rarity said sure! :D  After 30 minutes of making a little outfit for angel. Rarity walked over to fluttershy's cottage giving her the outfit. Fluttershy: Oh it's beautiful! Thank you rarity. Rarity: Oh, darling it's anything for a friend! rarity walked off as fluttershy shuts the cottage door. Flutteā€¦

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  • MuffinWeirdo

    Hi, i'm Muffin but you can call me Bunch [derp]

    I like roblox Minecraft and YouTube [Considering to the only things i use on the internet]

    So yeah and i am also moving to italy in a few days DERP can't wait too!

    I use the chat alot so you will be able to talk to me and yeah so

    My favorite youtubers are

    PewDiePie Markplier Skydoesminecraft Danisnotonfire AmazingPhil annnd JoeyGraceffa

    and so eeyup nothing else. soo..erm bai

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