Apples with extra love. A fanfic by MuffinWeirdo [Updated]

A FlutterMac Fanfic [apples with extra love] (updated)It was a beautiful day in sweet apple acers Apple jack and Bigmac were working on the farm. And Apple bloom was playing with sweetie belle and scootaloo. And twilight reading her mind out.Spike playing with rainbow dash. Fluttershy having a conversation with rarity. And pinkie pie also having fun with rainbow dash and spike!Fluttershy, was asking rarity if she could make a outfit for angel. Rarity said sure! :D  After 30 minutes of making a little outfit for angel. Rarity walked over to fluttershy's cottage giving her the outfit. Fluttershy: Oh it's beautiful! Thank you rarity. Rarity: Oh, darling it's anything for a friend! rarity walked off as fluttershy shuts the cottage door. Fluttershy grabs angel putting it on him.. or her xD Fluttershy: Ohhh your so CUTE! Angel: [this is getting annoying GET IT OFF!] Fluttershy: No, it's adorable on you! Angel: [fine...] Fluttershy grabs some food for her animals out of the cabneit giving each of the animals food in a bowl.  Fluttershy: I'm gonna go get some apples for the guienea pigs. I'll be riihgt back! Fluttershy walks over to sweet apple acers asking apple jack for some apples  Fluttershy: Hello, Apple Jack, may i have some apples? I need some for the quinenea pigs. Apple Jack: Well sure sugar cube! Bigmac: Eeeyup. Fluttershy get's a look at bigmac as she heard his very low voice Fluttershy: M-may i ask who he is? Apple Jack: Oh, this is my brother big machintosh.But you can call him big mac. Fluttershy: Nice to meet you... Did i not mention it was hearts and hooves day? :3 Bigmac: Ni-  Apple Jack: No, talking now. Time for work. It was nice seein- Bigmac: No, i can talk if i want to! I was wanting to say nice to meet you too. Fluttershy. Fluttershy blushes walking back to her cottage  Fluttershy: I.. i think i have a crush on bigmac ._. Angel: [Special some pony?] Fluttershy: Oh heavens no! He would say no... i don't wanna be embarassed by that... Angel: [eyes roll] Fluttershy: well heres these apples guinenea piggies! Fluttershy continues feeding the animals still thinking about what happened when she wen't to get the apples. Fluttershy: I need to meet him again! I'll be right back my little angels.  Angel: [Yay! Shes trying again! :3] Fluttershy: I heard that... Fluttershy walks out of her cottage flying over to sweet apple acers only seeing big mac Fluttershy: GREAT! This is my chance! she flies closer landing behind Bigmac. Fluttershy: H-hi B-bigmac. Bigmac:... h-hi... Fluttershy: May i ask you something...? Bigmac: Eeeyup. Fluttershy: W-will you b-be my v-very s-special s-some pony? Bigmac: Hmm... Eeeeyup! Fluttershy cheers in excitment giving him a big hug as apple jack sees what all happened she walked out of the barn Apple Jack: But, bigmac i thought you were with cheerilee...? Bigmac: Eh.. i didn't like her pink touch anyways... Fluttershy: May i? Bigmac: Eeeeyup. Fluttershy:... Yaaay! Apple Jack: Welll, ok then... Apple jack walks over back to the farm looking back at them whispering Apple Jack: Aww, look at them love birds... Fluttershy says bye to bigmac giving him a little kiss on the cheek, as she walks away he blushes trotting back to the barn.  This has been a fluttermac fanfic made by MuffinWeirdo [aka] MuffinBunch or Muffy. Thank you for reading!