Since not many people have suggested episodes, I decided to add in my own. This is the final list of episodes.

The first round will be starting day after tomorrow.


Twilight's Kingdom,  Amending Fences,  The Mane Attraction,  Pinkie Pride,  Crusaders of The Lost Mark,  Magic Duel,  The Cutie Remark,  Friendship is Magic,  Griffon the Brush Off,  Bridle Gossip,  Call of the Cutie,  Feeling Pinkie Keen,  Stare Master,  Twilight Time,  The Cutie Mark Chronicles,  Owl's Well that ends Well,  The Best Night ever,  Return of Harmony,  Daring Don't,  SisterHooves Social,  Mysterious Mare Do Well,  Secret of my Excess,  The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000,  Read it and Weep,  Rarity takes Manehattan,  Dragon Quest,  Pinkie Apple Pie,  Ponyville Confidential,  MMMystery on the Friendship Express,  A Canterlot Wedding,  The Crystal empire,  One Bad Apple.