Hey! It's me, Munazza with the first round of my the Episode Tournament! So, what are we waiting for, Let's get started! Enjoy!

First up, we have 2 episodes (or maybe 4) which centralised/focused on Shining Armor and Princess Cadance.

So, I decided to close it up fast. From now on I'll be closing every round in 3 days. Now the Results!

The Couple Episodes

A Canterlot Wedding

Next Up we have two episodes depicting my favorite character, Rainbow Dash! And not only her but Daring Do too!

The Look Alike Episodes

Daring Don't

Let's get Spiked! Next We have two Spike Episodes. both of these episodes show something about Dragons!


Secret Of My Excess

Okay! So, let's end it with two episodes related to the Apple Family.

Apple Family

Pinkie Apple Pie

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