Hey! It's me Munazza with the first round of my Episode Tournament. In this game 32 episodes are chosen, out of which each round stars 8 episodes against each other. Let's Start! Enjoy!

First up, we have 2 episodes which both depict old friends of one of the Mane 6.

Old Friends

Amending Fences

Next, 2 episodes in which we find a lot of jealousy!


The Mysterious Mare Do Well

Now, 2 Cmc episodes in which one of the crusaders are facing a problem, be it teasing or being unappreciated.

cmc Prob

SisterHooves Social

Let's end it up with 2 episodes of the same voice actress. In both of these episodes, the ponies have a shown a special talent!

Something Special

Feeling Pinkie Keen

That's it! Votings have ended!