So I recently made a poll blog about the friendshio games, and it seems that most of the MLP fans think that the Friendship Games were the Best. It was good and all, but the last part of it was just ridiculous. Swi-Twi turns evil, for no logical reason. It wasn't as if that the magic in that thingy was bad, It was the magic of the Humane 6. And then she's like "I wanna understand magic, that is why I am evil!" Seriously!!

Second thing, Sunset uses the same magic to turn into Daydream. Why didn't she turn evil then?

Another thing is that, this movie didn't have a proper antaganist. In the first movie, there was Sunset who wanted to rule Equestria and then the Sirens who wanted to rule over that world. And this movie, it's just a principal who wants to win. You might name Midnight, but she became evil for no logical reason.

Now, explain all these illogical things to me. Yes, it is a challenge.