Alright MLP Wiki, this is going to be a weekly blog "series" that I'm starting in which I'll get the Wiki's opinions on MLP related projects that pop into my brain. As often as I can, I'll make the projects also involve the MLP wiki community. Every 4 weeks I'll pick one of the projects I posted about in the previous 4 weeks and that got the most positive response and I'll try and complete it within 4 weeks. For those  of you who were confused by that (I confused myself), here's how it'll work:

Week 1:Blog about a project

Week 2: Blog about a different project

Week 3: Blog about a different prokect

Week 4: Blog about a different project

Week 5: Pick whichever project from weeks 1-4 that got the best response and try and complete it within 4 weeks, start blog process over again. 

So, this week's project is: (drum roll please)


The first blog project (we'll call it a blogject) is Bronytage. What Bronytage would be is me editing a collection of clips from video games (first person shooters in this case),with the edit being in an MLP style. The Color correction would be a pony color scheme (e.g. a Purple/pink scheme for Twilight, a pink/yellow scheme for Fluttershy, etc.), I would use Brony-produced music (most likely electronic) and all the clips would be hit by... (another drum roll please) myseld and you all! I try to make these projects community-oriented, and I want you all to do this with me. As said above, this specific Bronytage would be FPS only, (though future ones could be other games?) and these would be the the games that would be accepted/ the clips from each accepted

Any console or PC clip is okay. 

Clips must be 1280x720p, (I could resize 1920x1080p, but native 1280x720p is best) and if possible PLEASE record in 59.94 frames per second. This makes editing easier.

NOTE: Any clip that exceeds the standards (e.g. more kills in the feed or more kills with equipment) will be accepted. Also, clips don't need to be recent. If they meet the standards, they will be used.

Games accepted:

Call of Duty (any)

Clips from CoD accepted:

Unsplit quad+ feed with any gun (example here:

Unsplit triple+ headshot feed with any gun (example:

Triple+ equipment kill (can be grenade, semtex, c4, claymore, etc) (example:

One shot triple kill with any sniper rifle (kill three people with one sniper bullet)

Trickshots/ long range no-scopes will be accepted/declined on a case by case basis, so send any trickshot/ long range no-scope in.

Battlefield (Bad Company 1 or Newer)

Same as CoD standards, with the following in addition:

Extreme long range (1500+ meters) no scopes (shooting sniper without zooming into the scope)

Team Fortress 2:

Same as CoD, except

Any Pyro/flamethrower killfeed must be UNSPLIT and 4+ kills.

Any unsplit triple feed with sniper will be accepted, send 'em in.

Halo (ODST or Newer)

Same as CoD

Sniper feeds can be triple unsplit. 

So, now that we have the gyst of it, I need some questions answered (please answer via comments)

  1. 1. Should I do this? (yes/no)
  1. 2. Would you participate? (yes/no)
  1. 3. Please state if you can record (if you have an HD PVR or Elgato for consoles, or screen recording for PC) (yes/no, if yes please state what games and recording device/software you have)
  1. 4. Alternate names for Bronytage?
  1. 5.Any other questions you have, please put in comments. Also, if you can record, please put some form of contact for people who may need you to record clips. If you need a clip recorded, talk to the people who can record.

Until next time,

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