So, this afternoon (May 20th 2013), I departed chat with the comment Welp guys. I'll see you whenever maybe. If ever again. Good luck to all of you, but I find it hard to care right now. Maybe you're wondering "ITB what do you mean what are you doing" (or maybe you're not. I don't care.) I mean exactly what I say. I've been tired of the arguing for a while, but the straw that broke the camel's back was the full-out war about the banning of Ozank's bot. As in, the chat was consumed with senseless arguing and accusations and general flaming over this. Really guys? Are you kidding? #1. Was the bot hurting anything? People say "you need forum discussuion to operate a bot." It wasn't being operated. That is, in my opinion, nitpicking. "The bot's a sock account" WHO CARES? Oz was not avoiding a ban. Are we getting people for having multiple accounts? Get me then! I have two accounts! #2. Was the bot really that important to chat? Ozank, you have your account, what exactly was the bot doing? Nothing? Okay. Does it matter then? Both sides were being absolutely senseless. It's not just the senselessness, it's the fact that said senselessness has become the norm when it comes to discussuions. I haven't seen a forum that had two sides with different views not turn into a flame war in months. The inability to have a peaceful discussion, without sarcasm and gruding and general horsejockey is the cause of me leaving the wiki (temporary leave for now, may turn permanent, we'll see.) 

CONTNIUED: (May 21st)

In continuation, another reason I am leaving is the change in systems the wiki has gone to. I am old enough here to remember a time before chat forums, and upon the advent of forums I had high hopes for them. And, at first, the forums worked EXTREMELY well. An open place to discuss policies and to be heard was functioning exactly as it should have. However, the forums across the wiki have very recently (around the beginning of the year was when I started to see it) degrade into a firestorm of hate, judgment, arguments, lies and arguable truths, and have turned into an arena in which the spotlight is on personal grudges and long violent disagreements. And, much like my Congress in the United States has had problems with the members voting themselves pay raises, we (mods/other users in power) have been supporting ourselves. Take, for instance, the Mod Evaluation #2. Almost NO USERS VOTED BUT MODS. I do not care to operate in such a place. I may or may not be back at some later date. If I do come back, I will only do so when I have seen certain changes take place. I am not demanding that any changes take place. I simply do not wish to be here with the wiki overall in its current state.

To all the people I didn't get along with, or constantly disagreed with: I'm sorry. I truly am. By doing such things I didn't help the cause I hold. I hope we can find common ground at some point in time.

To the wiki in general: Now you're just somebody I used to know. I wish to see you again one day, but we shall see.

To my friends: I love you all. This place has changed me in ways I never thought it would when I found this wiki by Googling "MLP FIM Chat" on July 30th, 2012. I loved every second with you all. You made my life better in so many ways. Thank you, so, so much.

To my best, very special friends: Goodness. How can I even describe it. You all have been more than friends to me. All of you were a positive presence in my life, moreso than most people I know in real life. Jon, Fishi, H4M, Oz, Pony, Haed, Iddy, Banana... how can I thank you. I will never forget any of you. Please forgive me.

Signing off, for possibly the last time:

ITB <3