Note on this Article: Many new users often want to help build the wiki, but feel frustrated as they find most articles are in a perfect state. this blog is to help them so they know what they can do.

Applejack ready to get the dragon S1E7

Although it might seem difficult for some fresh-faced contributors like me to make any kind of decent edits, and there's a feeling that nothing is left to be categorized and no new pages are left to be created, there are many ways were new users can be helpful.

First, there are "Stub pages" that need more content, and although most pages in this category are yet to be released episodes, there is still ground for work, like adding images and new information from TV commercials and verifying that the article has the right categories.

Second, the category "Pages that need improvement" has a great amount of pages that lack information, images, trivia, or even the grammar errors.

Third, many Galleries lack HD images, have images with "The Hub" logo and probably are lacking scenes.

Following these steps can guide you towards articles that definitely need your help.