• MysteryWriter

    MLP:FIM couples

    September 8, 2013 by MysteryWriter

    One think a lot of people talk about when i comes to popular cartoons are couples! I love my little pony. I have seen a couple mlp couple ideas ,but these are my MLP:FIM couple ideas. Let's start with Twilight Sparkle, then we will go down the list of ponies.

    Twilight Sparkle & Flash Sentry 

    Sweetie Belle & Button Mash 

    Rarity & Fancy Pants (maybe)

    Apple Jack & Caramel

    Fluttershy & Big Mac 

    Rainbow Dash & Soarin

    Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich

    Scootaloo & ?

    Apple Bloom & ?

    to be edited soon.................

    Please post your suggestions in the comments below.

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