• I live in Estonia
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

    3 WISHES.

    December 11, 2014 by NORTH PONY

    If u go fishing and u luckly catch a gold fish who say: "let me back in river and i give u 3 wishes!" :O

    What are u 3 wishes what u want to wish? if u were a lucky :D

    These are my top 3 wishes

    1. i wanna go live in Norway :3

    2. i wanna know all languages in this world ;)

    3. and i can what is happening whit me in future :O

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    Word game: geography

    December 7, 2014 by NORTH PONY

    The game idea is like that, i put different ordered letters, e.g.: N.E.G.A.N.L.D? and guess what contry name u get out there i got ENGLAND. and now i put down 10 different ordered letters where is country names.

    and the game is Teamwork if everybody say all 10 country names. i think maybe i will make next time more

    and this is easy part will be LEVEL 1 soon will be LEVEL 2.

    It´s like BRAIN GAMES for u guys. good luck :)

    If u see some latter is missing there i fix it

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    Say what is your "favorite pony name and worst pony name" and i say first who is my fav pony name and worst name. there can be 1,2,3,4...... u fav ponies or worst ponies.

    FAV- Daring Do and Rarity

    Worst- Pinkie Pie 

    and commend what are u "FAV and Worst ponies" :)

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    Hy all I´m brony from Estonia, my fav game is Skyrim and TF2 and i love Basshunter songs, my fav movie is Lord of the rings, iron sky,....... And 1 thing more i want know if in this wiki is some people who are from estonia or neighbor countries then comment here or leave message in my talk bage. :D

    put anyway.

    If here are people from another countries then talk about your self e.g: ;)

    1) where are u from?

    2) in which you are interested? (e.g hobbis)

    3) where you've been?

    4) fav games, movies...... etc.

    5) fav food, sports,.....etc.

    6) and your dream to go somewhere? :D

    thx, for walking trough ;)

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