Word game: geography

The game idea is like that, i put different ordered letters, e.g.: N.E.G.A.N.L.D? and guess what contry name u get out there i got ENGLAND. and now i put down 10 different ordered letters where is country names.

and the game is Teamwork if everybody say all 10 country names. i think maybe i will make next time more

and this is easy part will be LEVEL 1 soon will be LEVEL 2.

It´s like BRAIN GAMES for u guys. good luck :)

1. S.E.T.N.O.A.I                                       6. S.I.S.R.U.A

2. R.G.M.E.A.N.Y                                     7. S.U.A

3. S.A.T.L.U.A.R.A.I                                 8. Z.R.A.I.B.L

4. A.D.C.N.A.A                                         9. R.F.N.C.A.E

5. N.A.I.D.I                                              10. H.C.N.I.A

If u see some latter is missing there i fix it