Hello there everyone! watch out young philly coming into the herd! so recently 2 days ago in fact I finally caved and said what the heck mind aswell become a full on fan of MLP and at the advice of a few other fans in various places and from seeing much talk of the show etc. I finally decided to sit down and fully watch some episodes and I was left impressed and definetly got a good laugh out of them my next episode will be episode 4 season 1 so far so good, The show was not what I originally thought it would be! Although I had been a lurker in the background in between being a full fan and not one.

As my interest sparked a few years ago when I stumbled on a picture of Fluttershy and she was so adorable but I didn`t know what series she was from back then so I dismissed her as a fan charcater or something but then I searched the name fluttershy up and bam found out she was from MLP, I had also taken interest in Pinkie Pie too so thanks to simply seeing images of ponies is what dragged me in to the fandom. The thing that put the final nail in the coffin was when i heard this fan made song which actually sounds darn good the Find A Pet Song Aftermath remix.... okay that and my Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie plushies I have heh. So yeah has anyone else entered this fandom similar to how I have? I think the way I entered is a bit odd heh.

My entering does come with a few fears though well not fears let me rephrase that just a slight bit nervous mostly when I seek out little things here and there from MLP like little plushies etc. to collect I get so nervous going into the store and going into the section the stuff is in but eh I can`t let other peoples oninions control me or define what I like. I guess as time goes on I will get used to things I am still fresh to the herd. So from all you fans who have been around longer what kinds of things is a new person to the heard like me gonna find out, learn and experience in this fandom? As I have already seen the the show is awesome as heck! and from an early point before becoming a full fan I found I am quite fond of the plushies but it`s so hard to find Fluttershy sometimes and Pinkie Lol. Anway that is all I hope I will be welcomed in warmly.