• Nano hitori

    color blend

    September 5, 2015 by Nano hitori
    1. ​yea,i know alot of ppl that watch mlp,says its a little girls show,and that boys shouldnt even watch it iether.Yet,somehow,bronies have acomplished a break,proving that men,can watch mlp.whooohooo!! go man power!! lol.  im here to talk about color blends that intrest me personally from mlp,personally,and how they have helped me in my color wheel for contrasting colors when im draw,painting,etc. take twilight sparkle,for example,if you notice how her mane gives a perfect pop to her lightly shaded sking tone,the dark mystery purple clinging next to the bright uplifting pink,swaying against the lavender pale of her skin,makes her a very intresting color match.Basically,she's down right pretty.
    2. Now ill continue on with more of some of the main …
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