1. ​yea,i know alot of ppl that watch mlp,says its a little girls show,and that boys shouldnt even watch it iether.Yet,somehow,bronies have acomplished a break,proving that men,can watch mlp.whooohooo!! go man power!! lol.  im here to talk about color blends that intrest me personally from mlp,personally,and how they have helped me in my color wheel for contrasting colors when im draw,painting,etc. take twilight sparkle,for example,if you notice how her mane gives a perfect pop to her lightly shaded sking tone,the dark mystery purple clinging next to the bright uplifting pink,swaying against the lavender pale of her skin,makes her a very intresting color match.Basically,she's down right pretty.
  2. Now ill continue on with more of some of the main ponies to the tales of mlp.
  3. One color match that i really find confusing,is pinkie pie ._.  like seriously,who decided to make a pony entirely pink,then again,if they didnt,it wouldnt be proving the point of mlp in the first place.bouncy dark pink,with a pale rosey tan,with colorful ballon stamped to her rear,A.K.A her cutie mark. i wont lie,she's adorable,she's always the most happyest out of them all,except for those few times she got depressed,and her bouncy hair,turned
  4. Next up.fluttershy,her colors literally spell "c.a.l.m" fluttershy is one of the most sweetest,calmest,and of course shyest pony in thier whole group.despite being afraid of pretty much anything daring,she was the only one to cure discord of his twisted mentality of friendship.she is the care taker of the forest animals,due to her time in training,and looking after outrageous animals,and thier behaviors,she has the qualifications to deal with any rough,and disobedient individual.her lightly pinked mane,and her pale yellow skin,really brings out how much of a softy she is,but highly doubtful,many would think of her like that now.
  5. Next jack,full of pure honesty,she couldnt keep a lie even if she had to. apple jack is one of the most down to earth ponies i have ever met,she cant see a mare down,and not help them.Her colors are consist of her pale blonde-ish yellow mane,and her bright orange tinted skin,she is one of the daughters of the apple family,always working time and time again on her dear farm,with help along of her family and friends.Her cutie mark is 3 apples doddling on her rear.
  6. Next up.rarity'',yes,i believe we all know the famous designer,and most generos pony to the main6 group.she is the high and "oh so sexy" pony that is well off with her riches.rarity works as a clothes and fashion designer to the whole of equestria,making dresses and gowns for all sorts of ponies,even her dear friends.her colors are a dark starry purple main,and a blank white skin tone,a truly stunning and beautiful pony.her cutie mark is 3 blue daimonds,representing her love to sparkle fashion and her generosity.
  7. Last but not least.My personal favorite,rainbow dash,the loyal,high flying,tomboy swagged pony.She is the greatest flyer in all of equestria,known to everyone for her famous,sonic rainboom!! Her colors are as her name says,a main mirrored from the rainbow,and a pale blue skin tone.her cutie mark is a cloud shooting a rainbow lightning bolt off her rear.she represents the element of loyalty and stands as one of the most rombucsious ponies anyone has ever met.but all the while,she is a good friend,anyone would love to have.
  8. arigatou gozaimasu please read please follow,and please message if you are a brony or pegasister!!! ->_<-/
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