aka Naturally Twisted / Naku Mun / Tsumi

  • I live in Planet Vegeta
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Drawing in general, Research, etc.
  • I am Classified, consider me both genders
  • NaturallyTwisted

    Naku Mun is a Stallion Pegasus, his wings are about twice his length and can help him reach a max flying speed of about 300 m/s (meters per second), almost the speed of sound/Mach 1 (375 m/s). He has a pure white coat with black, messy hair resembling that of Vinyl Scratch. Naku is also relatively large for his species, being 4.3 feet tall and 4.5 feet long (This makes his wingspan 7 to 9 feet!!!). Naku Mun's eyes can very from Bright or Moderate blue to dim or shining red (this will be explained shortly).

    Naku Mun is not very social, sometimes even avoiding other ponies all together. However, when a friend is made, he is always a loyal companion and very protective. When alone, Naku sometimes talks to something that isn't there, or he sits…

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