FANMADE Naku Mun ((Official) RainbowFactory)

Naku Mun: 17, Rainbow Factory Worker Tier 12/15

FANMADE Naku Mun ((Official) After RainbowFactory)

Naku Mun: 17-19, After Rainbow Factory

FANMADE Naku Mun ((Official) Shadow Form)

Naku Mun: 17-19, Using Shadows

FANMADE Naku Mun ((Official) Shadow Demon)

Naku Mun: 17-19, Possessed/ Shadow Demon Form

Naku Mun


Naku Mun is a Stallion Pegasus, his wings are about twice his length and can help him reach a max flying speed of about 300 m/s (meters per second), almost the speed of sound/Mach 1 (375 m/s). He has a pure white coat with black, messy hair resembling that of Vinyl Scratch. Naku is also relatively large for his species, being 4.3 feet tall and 4.5 feet long (This makes his wingspan 7 to 9 feet!!!). Naku Mun's eyes can very from Bright or Moderate blue to dim or shining red (this will be explained shortly).


Naku Mun is not very social, sometimes even avoiding other ponies all together. However, when a friend is made, he is always a loyal companion and very protective. When alone, Naku sometimes talks to something that isn't there, or he sits somewhere with a good view and just thinks. Ponies who approach him should be careful, for some reason, Naku becomes mentally unstable around others (likely resorting to violence). Other than the fact that he is easily provoked, Naku is kindhearted, even passionate.


Naku Mun is a combination of Japanese words, Meaning Cold Moon or Cry Moon (some might think it fits him well)


Naku Mun's parents lived somewhere in the Everfree Forest, with a house they built themselves. The building was constructed mainly of wood, sap, and large leaves. Naku's parents are Yoake Mun and Middonaito Mun. These names mean Dawn and Midnight. At the age of 5, Yoake and Middonaito Mun were attacked by Timberwolves while collecting firewood and food, they never returned.

Naku Mun's family tree contains some strange traits, one of which was the ability to see and communicate with the Shadows (A race of spirits with many different classes and sub-species). Naku had this particular ability, and at age 14, he used it to protect peaceful shadows, while destroying the evil ones.

Sometimes, Naku can allow Shadows to enter his body, boosting his strength, resistance and some speed. When he takes in too many, however, his eyes become red and bloodshot, and his coat fades to a slight grey tinge. In this form, he is very aware of the others around him, and will attack anyone that is not cautious when approaching him.

During his 17th year, Naku Mun was selected for a special job at the Rainbow Factory, at this point in time, his hair wasn't dyed, it was still black, but with red stripes. He escaped 6 months after taking the job, but with security officials tracking him down, and half of his sanity intact.


Currently, Naku Mun is 19 years old. He has crushes now and then, but not all of them last very long. His Cutie mark is based off of the symbol from Shadow the Hedgehog, but redesigned as the night sky, complete with a strange figure in the background.