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  • I live in The Milky Way Galaxy, I'm the defender of it
  • I was born on March 1
  • My occupation is Being 1337
  • I am Male, girls can't go Super Saiyan
  • Nehpets700

    Best Story Ever 2

    January 29, 2013 by Nehpets700
    • Nehpets700So, there they were. Dragons. Hundreds of them. They invaded MLP Land looking for Ponies. All the Ponies were running away from the mighty Dragons. Then Rainbow Dash came long. "Are you kidding me? Dinosaus but now Dragons?" The Dragons were about to attack Apple Jack because she has Apple in her name. "Oh Noes! The Water bottle are doomed!!1 Jut before AJ was snatched Batman came along and possessed all the Dragons. "Now I'm off to make another Incredibly awesome movie" Yelled Batman. Because the Story Writer didn't have a better way to end the story... Charizard use Fire Blast! It was Super Effective to enemy Story. Story Fainted. You gained -30 Seconds reading this.
    • 12:48Nitz XHoly what
    • Pastebin geeezus.
    • 12:48Captain Derpytl;dr
    • 12…
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  • Nehpets700

    The Best Story Ever

    January 27, 2013 by Nehpets700
    • Nehpets700So there they were. Dinosaurs. Lots and Lots of Dinosaurs. They were pretty Darn Hungry. Then they Found MLP land and decided this would be an okay place to eat. So they Started Chasing after the poor Ponies and the Ponies Screamed in Terror, Just Before One of the Dinos Snatched a Pony Rainbow Dash Yelled "DINOSAUR! Go be 20% Cooler an Leave this Place! Or else I will make fun of your tiny arms!" All the Dinosaurs began to Cry and run away. But then Gandalf Appeared out of nowhere and said"You shall not PASS!!!" Then the Dinosaurs flew up to Mars for more Popcorn and Star Wars. THE END
    • 5:00Derpster9453 people to be exact
    • 5:00The ToxicWow.
    • 5:00DashDoti had a avatar yesterday
    • 5:00AppleJonnot sure if any consequence is to become of th…
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