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  • NeonMelody

    Draw yo OC 2

    July 22, 2014 by NeonMelody

    Tatata welcome to my blog

    ~wat a bad intro~

    But you readed the title...(yeah read it if you didn't)


    And now you can shoose between: traditional and digital

    So go and write in comments your shoes and a pic of your oc (don't be scared I do them all) I ad him on your talk page and here:


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  • NeonMelody

    Hey everyone it's neon here!! There comes a moment when you start to thinking: what should I do before I die??? And stuff like that well I made a small list with thing I wanna do before I die ^.^ :

    -catch a fish with my hands

    -jump from the Eiffel-toren

    -play hide and seek in the ikea

    -jump in a pool with you clothes on

    - meet all my 'online' friends

    -hold a koala

    -ride on a llama

    - find nemo

    - adopt a hedgedog

    - find the end of a rainbow

    -complete a scrapbook

    This was my list. What do you wanna do before you die?

    (Ps. I'm working my first 'pony version parody' thing the name will be Mary Sue. Wich me luck :3)

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  • NeonMelody

    i am back

    July 13, 2014 by NeonMelody

    hey welcome to my first bog in months... I don't know if it was realy leaving but yeah I'M BACK applause im also pretty happy I didn't forget my password applause and I have nothing anymore to say applause bye o3o

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  • NeonMelody

    hello this are the results of the blog best mane six (poll)

    okay here are the results:

    1)rainbow dash:

    30.43% of all votes. and is the best pony :)

    2)apple jack

    26.09% of all votes. she become 2the


    17.39 of all votes

    '4).5) and 6 are for

    pinki,rarity and twilight sparkle

    with: 8.7 percent

    1) rarity

    31,25% of all votes

    2) rainbow dash

    18,75% of all votes (Ps. Wait she is the best poney) I'm confused

    3),4),5) and 6) are for

    Applejack, fluttershy,pinkie pie and twilight sparkle

    With 12,5% of all votes

    So that are the results hope you like it!!! :p

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  • NeonMelody

    Hello guys,

    This time we go find the best and the worst mane six so please vote :)

    Applejack: um I don't like her style she's so...let we say orange but i like her personality

    Fluttershy:a very cute pony she's so love full and gets good role in the serie

    Pinkie pie: I like that parties I like the most at her (can you see at my page)

    Rainbow dash: my favourite I like her style with rainbows and the silly thing is she's not the cute rainbow pony but a very cool pony

    Rarity: she so beautiful but I dislike her colors

    Twilight sparkle I think that at the moment nopony loves her but I like it that she's an alicorn princess

    (Closed on : 13/7/2013)

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