hello this are the results of the blog best mane six (poll)

okay here are the results:

best mane six

1)rainbow dash:

30.43% of all votes. and is the best pony :)

2)apple jack

26.09% of all votes. she become 2the


17.39 of all votes

'4).5) and 6 are for

pinki,rarity and twilight sparkle

with: 8.7 percent

worst ponies

1) rarity

31,25% of all votes

2) rainbow dash

18,75% of all votes (Ps. Wait she is the best poney) I'm confused

3),4),5) and 6) are for

Applejack, fluttershy,pinkie pie and twilight sparkle

With 12,5% of all votes

So that are the results hope you like it!!! :p