• Newmarduk

    A Census of Equestria

    January 13, 2016 by Newmarduk

    Patterned as the United States Census.

    Once every 10 years, the royal government in Canterlot takes a census of the national pony population as well as members of certain non-pony races.

    The most recent national census:

    Total Equestrian Population (including ponies and certain non-pony species):

    13.1 million

    Earth Ponies:

    7.2 million


    4.5 million


    1 million


    240 thousand


    100 thousand


    50 thousand

    Diamond Dogs:

    5 thousand


    5 thousand

    Note: Crystal Ponies are not included in the census since it was taken prior to the return of the Crystal Empire.

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  • Newmarduk

    If you were a pony living in Equestria, and you received a ticket to go to the Grand Galloping Gala at Canterlot Castle (see the episodes The Ticket Master, The Best Night Ever, and Make New Friends but Keep Discord), would you go?

    Personally, I'd go so I could hobnob with pony royalty like Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Prince Shining Armor, but NOT Prince Blueblood.

    The overwhelming majority of Equestrian ponies live OUTSIDE Canterlot, so many of them would almost kill to get a ticket to the Gala.

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  • Newmarduk

    The contenders include three ponies and a single member of the race of Griffons.

    1)Derpy, female Pegasus pony, resident of Ponyville, and indeed sometimes called "Muffins"

    2)Pinkie Pie female Earth pony, resident of Ponyville, employee of Sugarcube Corner, and member of the Mane Six

    3)Sugar Belle, female unicorn pony, resident of Our Town, former subordinate of Starlight Glimmer, a real "dark horse" contender

    4)Gustave le Grand, male griffon, the only non-pony in this muffin baking contest

    The winner is whomever the judges decide who has baked the best muffins.

    The judges are Prince Blueblood, Mayor Mare, Cheerilee, Sheriff Silverstar, Little Strongheart, and Fancy Pants.

    The contest takes place in Canterlot.

    Each judge grades the muffins of each …

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  • Newmarduk

    In the episode Call of the Cutie, after Twilight Sparkle in her still-unicorn, pre-Alicorn, pre-princess days in Ponyville, unsuccessfully tried to use her magic to prematurely grant Apple Bloom a cutie mark, she told Apple Bloom that not even magic could make cutie marks appear before their time.

    Zecora the zebra also told Apple Bloom that her brand of magic (based upon alchemy and brewed potions) could not conjure up a cutie mark. See the episode The Cutie Pox.

    Starlight Glimmer could use her unicorn magic to steal cutie marks from ponies, but not even Starlight could grant a young colt or filly a cutie mark using her magic .

    But what about draconequus magic?

    Could Discord use his non-pony magic to prematurely grant a cutie mark to a young …

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    Marvel Pony

    January 9, 2016 by Newmarduk

    Hailing from Ponyville deep in the heart of Equestria, part of a family of Earth ponies, lives the young colt Billy Batponyson.

    He is a fairly average student in the Ponyville Schoolhouse.

    One day, however, Billy is visited by the spirit of Star Swirl the Bearded, who gives Billy the gift of turning into a male Alicorn superhero named Marvel Pony.

    When Billy Batponyson speaks out the words "Star Swirlzam!", he transforms into Marvel Pony and joins the ranks of the Alicorns.

    Marvel Pony has the power of flight like pegasi, and can shoot bolts of lightning from the same type of horn unicorns possess. He also has superhuman physical strength, being even stronger than Bulk Biceps.

    There are limitations to Marvel Pony's superpowers. Billy Batponys…

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