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The Crystal Mirror, located in Princess Cadance's castle within the Crystal Empire, connects interdimensionally with the version of the planet Earth on which Splinter the mutant rat and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live.

Splinter and the TMNT are teleported to the world of Equestria, inside Cadance's castle.

A misunderstanding with Cadance and Shining Armor, a brief fight including pony royal guards, and a truce see the TMNT wind up in Ponyville.

The TNMT crowd makes friends with the Mane Six led by Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Soon, however, the ponies, rat, and turtles team up to face the combined menace of King Sombra, Lord Tirek, and the Changelings led by Queen Chrysalis.

The good guys must enlist the aid of an old foe of the TMNT: the Dream Beavers [6].

At some point, Casey Jones [7] and April O'Neill [8], friends of the TMNT, end up in Equestria in the form of Earth ponies rather than humans.