Applejack. What if she were pitted against the Fabulous Moolah in a wrestling match? For more on Moolah:

I imagine that if the Fabulous Moolah, at the height of her wrestling career in the 1960s decade, was somehow teleported to Equestria in the present day and age and transmogrified into an Earth Pony, would continue her wrestling career as pony.

Moolah arrives in Ponyville and challenges other ponies to a wrestling match. Applejack answers the challenge. Who will secure the three count for the pinfall or force the other pony into submission?

In my opinion, Fabulous Moolah would pin Applejack or make AJ submit in less than three minutes!!!

Applejack may be strong thanks to her physical labor at Sweet Apple Acres, but Moolah is much more of a trained wrestler.

And Pinkie Pie had better not attempt to hug the Fabulous Moolah! Moolah would tie PP up in a series of wrestling holds and make Pie submit!