On, the well-known, online video-sharing site, I saw essentially a My Little Pony/Star Trek crossover video. Two leading characters from Deep Space Nine, the Cardassian Elam Garrick and the Ferengi bartender Quark, were discussing My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.

On the space station DS9, in Quark's bar, Quark asks Garrick to try MLP Friendship is Magic (as if it were some sort of drink).

Garrick, after tasting MLP, exclaims, "It's vile!"

Quark replies, "Just like the [United] Federation [of Planets]. But it's coy and bubbly." Quark goes on the explain that gradually people eventually grow to like MLP.

Garrick replies back, "Just like the Federation." The Cardassian claims it's "insidious."

Other MLP crossover videos on YouTube that I found include portraying Dr. Hooves as a Dr. Who-style Time Lord, including a TARDIS, and often with Derpy as his sidekick.

There are MLP/Power Rangers crossover videos on Youtube portraying the Mane Six as, well, Power Rangers.

There is at least one video on Youtube (a MLP/Star Trek crossover) that portrays a starship in the shape of Rainbow Dash, using the dialogue spoken by Patrick Stewart in the intro of The Next Generation.

Getting back to the MLP/DS9 crossover video I discussed above, that might explain how I became a sort of brony.