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That represents an early version of MLP. My interest in MLP Tales is trying to figure out how Fluttershy's brother will fit into the current MLP Friendship is Magic.

The focus is on a trio of male ponies: Ace, Lancer, and Teddy. In the G1 series, they were essentially Earth ponies.

My assumption is that they will possibly be revived for the current G4 series as Pegasi, with Lancer as Fluttershy's brother and Ace and Teddy as his close friends.

The presumption is that the trio will be introduced in Season 6 of the current MLP series as teenagers who are not quite adults and still younger by several years (on average) than the Mane Six, but still older than, say, the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Lancer is shy like his sister, and like her is an animal lover. He develops a secret crush on Twilight Sparkle.

Ace develops a friendly rivalry with Rainbow Dash over who is the (supposedly) the best flier in Equestria.

Teddy sleeps with a Teddy bear. He is also a "party animal" like Pinkie Pie and is impulsive and hyperactive like her.

Applejack gets along fairly well with the trio, while Rarity views Ace and Teddy as immature brats.

The trio originally lived in Cloudsdale, but Lancer and his pals move to Ponyville.