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    I'm sure everyone would face one of the most difficult things in creating your own characters, which is naming. It's a good thing if you want to pick a beautiful and fitting name for your OCs and also memorizable for you. However, I feel that some words used are actually quite "overused", to the point you have to clarify whose OC you are referring to. In a more humorous case, both two people's OCs will turn out to share the same name, coincidentally! Here are some words which I think overused.

    Sugar, Pie, Cake, Sweet, Cream, Pepper, Pizza, Butter etc (I found these words are commonly used on any children of Pinkie Pie)

    Apple (yeah, I don't need to explain more since it's for those creating anything to the Apple Family), Orange, Strawberry, B…

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  • NgKQ

    Enough is Enough

    March 21, 2014 by NgKQ

    OK, on February I was greatly shocked by the news of Michael Morones. Now word has it that Grayson Bruce is yet another bully victim that went into the news. How could the school side with the bullies like that??? I mean, that's ridiculous, and despicable! If I was the school principal I would have taken Grayson's case seriously. I would certainly teach these bullies a lesson.

    Whatever it is, it's good to see thousands of people now siding for Grayson. Again, there's nothing wrong for a boy to like a show meant for girls. You can't judge a book by its cover, if you know what I mean.

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  • NgKQ

    As a language lover I was watching the MLP show in Chinese. Here I have noted the Evil Enchantress Song in Chinese. Here's the link:

    It's in 3:56 to 4:10 in this video. The Taiwan version of it ( ) has the original English version sung in it. (BTW Pinkie's Chinese dub actress is Lin Peiling )













    Tā shì xié è de nǚ wū

    Tā xié è de tiào wǔ

    Nǐ dīng zhe tā yǎn jīng kàn, huì bèi tā xià hú tú

    Tā hái huì zěn me zuò? Huì shāo yì guō zá huì tāng

    Bá nǐ zhǔ yi zhǔ, měi mei dì chī diào

    Suó yǐ……xiǎo xīn!

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    Such Tragic News

    February 7, 2014 by NgKQ

    It's a very sad thing to know that Michael Morones attempted to commit suicide due to bullying just because he liked the cartoon. Actually I was the same as him. I liked the anime series Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunso). These cartoons would use the title to bully me such as saying "Keroro Fish", or "Keroro is a fish!" just to get me agitated. This has been going on upon me since primary school. Imagine how Mine Yoshizaki sensei, Kadokawa or Funimation would be if he knew my condition. On 2011 I got mad at their mocking behavior that I unintentionally smashed a classroom window. This left me a permanent scar on my right wrist, and now it is still sometimes itchy and painful. Unfortunately these cartoons never learn and show no remorse.

    Only a few da…

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