It's a very sad thing to know that Michael Morones attempted to commit suicide due to bullying just because he liked the cartoon. Actually I was the same as him. I liked the anime series Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunso). These cartoons would use the title to bully me such as saying "Keroro Fish", or "Keroro is a fish!" just to get me agitated. This has been going on upon me since primary school. Imagine how Mine Yoshizaki sensei, Kadokawa or Funimation would be if he knew my condition. On 2011 I got mad at their mocking behavior that I unintentionally smashed a classroom window. This left me a permanent scar on my right wrist, and now it is still sometimes itchy and painful. Unfortunately these cartoons never learn and show no remorse.

Only a few days ago I was browsing Facebook when I came across this news. And that point I realized that I'm not the only one.

All we could do is to just pray and do whatever donation we can to save Mike's life. There's nothing wrong in liking a girl's cartoon or an all-girl's cartoon like MLP, Winx Club, Sailor Moon, K-On!, Puella Magi and many more. Bullying should be regarded seriously and it's no joke. Here I would like to emphasize that the act of bullying is unforgivable, unacceptable and intolerable, and therefore should be stopped. It really gets me angry to think of these bullying experiences and seeing everyone else around the world bullied.