I'm sure everyone would face one of the most difficult things in creating your own characters, which is naming. It's a good thing if you want to pick a beautiful and fitting name for your OCs and also memorizable for you. However, I feel that some words used are actually quite "overused", to the point you have to clarify whose OC you are referring to. In a more humorous case, both two people's OCs will turn out to share the same name, coincidentally! Here are some words which I think overused.

Anything about baking, cooking and confectionery

Sugar, Pie, Cake, Sweet, Cream, Pepper, Pizza, Butter etc (I found these words are commonly used on any children of Pinkie Pie)

Fruits and stuff

Apple (yeah, I don't need to explain more since it's for those creating anything to the Apple Family), Orange, Strawberry, Berry etc

Anything about books and stationery

Quill, Page, Paint(er) etc

Anything related to pegasi

Lightning, Flash, Clash (my SoarinDash son is named Thunder Clash), Cloudy, Breeze, Wind(y), Rainy, Bolt, Speed(y), Gentle etc


Aria, Melody (my FlashLight daughter happens to be named Melody Aurora), Minuet, Dub(s) etc

Fashion, jewellry and wealth

Diamond, Silver, Golden, Platinum (I have a Rarity X OC daughter named Platinum Royale), Glitter, Glimmer etc

Anything Elite

Knight, Paladin, Bishop etc


Rainbow, any word about colors (ffs are you guys gonna offend Hasbro and Dashie??? :v )

Astronomical and the cosmos

Star (and anything that the word prefixes, Starlight, Starling etc), Moon, Sunny, Midnight, Orion, Nebula, Galaxy, Dawn etc

Magic, Legends and anything mythical

Phoenix, Hydra, Pixie etc

What other overused words in naming OCs can you think of? Leave them in the comments below!