Hello everyone Nihi here, and gosh it's been a while since i've post something, anyway i just finish watching rainbow rocks and my gawd it was great :D! then lately i stumbled upon this deleted scene and this ideas occured to me... Anyway

(note long post also you can ignore this, it's just mere speculation of ideas )

I just want to clear my thoughts about this, cut scene in Friendship games, heck this is crucial information about sunset's character. Apparently this is the ORIGINAL song for "What More Is Out There Sunset" but it was cut or replaced with the song in the movie

I heard that this song was originally in the DVD and blue ray i am just curious if it's part of the movie. or is it separate deleted scenes. I mean if it is part of the movie.. 

Equestria Girls Friendship Game Deleted Scene03:51

Equestria Girls Friendship Game Deleted Scene

then  It all makes sense now (for me that is) There will be another EQG movie it will revolve around sunset's homesickness..the usual will happen blah blah..villain.. blah blah.. caused magic havok..then at some point sunset, Realizing, finds out the reason why the magic is spilling in the human world.. and in the end... she finally choose to go home in equestria.. taking all the magic in the human world back to equestria. Either leaving the human world magic less or with little to no trace magic at all, resulting the portal being closed for a long time, Not only that, It will solve the unknown human sunset shimmer and EQG sunset shimmer problem (even though she doesn't need to make cameo or need to be brought up) and the connection between two worlds might be closed/broken/stay the same therefore both worlds will be left to its original state, a world of magic and a world without magic. Leaving one sunset shimmer in the human world! and the Equestria sunset in equestria.

Looking back to Equestria girls, Remember what celestia said in the first movie? "That sending more than one ponies can upset the balance". What if the balance is still broken and  what if that the TWO sunset is the reason why there's magic slipping inside the world? AND it is remained unbroken?

THEN the human twilight will replace sunset shimmer and from that point it will have either the end of the EQG movie as a series OR will start a brand new spin off 

Then in 2017-2018 The big MLP will be revealed.. I dunno what to expect in thismovie but i am guessing that the pony sunset will take part on that movie and will help the mane 6 or equatria on that particular problem! Skipping into the conclusion, Sunset is forgiven for her sins in her past and in the end she lives alongside twilight and her friends

OMG this whole EQG AND MLP movie fiasco is building  about sunset shimmer's  character, her past, and getting back to equestria I dunno if everything mkes sense! Maybe i am just overthinking it! but heck this clip just gave me this whole nonsense of an idea XD anyway I loved friendship games far better than equestria girls and below RR BUT if they were use this instead than the one they used in the movie probably i'll change my opinion about the movie and make it surpass RR

I dunno that's what comes in my mind, it's just a theory, an Equestria girls theory.. thanks for reading :)