Hello there, It is only 2 days Away since that time of that year again, Some 3 days but that doesn't matter , It's Christmas :D Merry Christmas Erbody. 

Since it is almost Christmas i wanna ask What is your Christmas Wishlist or what do you want to see, recieve, experience? this hearth warming holiday?

Me, I actually don't want anything spectacular this christmas, But this are the things i really want to see or to get this coming holiday

  • Memories - yeah.. the only one thing i really want to have is to create more memories for me my family, and my friends. It's the only thing i really cared for having this season and or my entire life.
  • To pass this School term - Yeah it's a must, or father will kill me
  • Riches - Yeah im broke :P XD

Sooo.. What's your wish list this coming Special holiday? Share your thoughts :)

And Merry christmas everybody :D

Nihi The Brony (talk)