Hello guys so today I decided to publish part of my fanfic but FIMfiction is being Celestia to me and i Decide to post it here, It's a 12 part fic but I will only post the first 3 parts (im not finish yet) So enjoy and Sorry for my lazy writing and bad grammar and bad english. I will do some major editing after it got finish :). Tell me what you think BTW.

NOTE: This will be my very first fanfic, don't expect to much if you're a fafic lover

Eternity’s Curse
1) Open fields
2) Dragon’s den
3) Smokey Mountains
4) Spike’s Roost
 Princess celestia

       Twilight Sparkle


Two thousand years, It has been two thousand years since my Princess Corronation,Since then I was glad Im a princess now because you guys I achieve something that even I have not expected. It is because of you guys I am very happy being the way I am, I was happy, happy that you guys was like a family to me. A thousand years had passed since my Celestial Coronation and everything... Everything was wasn't like my previous coronation... I didn't feel Happy anymore, I feel lost...Questioning everything, Everything i went through. Asking myself Is this my true destiny?. I miss you guys... I wish you were still here... laughing,smiling, having fun. I miss you guys very much, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie pie and Spike... I miss you guys very much. I just want to see you again....

A gloomy night has set upon the open fields of Canterlot. There we saw the 3 Celestial Mares Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Twilight Sparkle are about to raise the moon , and shine the night sky. 

'It is time Luna, are you ready?'

'Yes, my sister.'

'Twilight are you also ready?' *when she look to twilight she notice she was not herself that night*

'Twilight are you Ok? You look a little down'

'Huh? I mean... im fine Princess, don't worry about it'

'Don't be afraid to tell me what's bothering you twilight *smiles*, Anyway are you ready?'


*Still...Im still thinking of them.I am still questioning myslef is this truly my destine? I feel... left out*

'Luna Are you ready?'


After that quick conversation, princess luna prepared herself for the rising of the moon. They waited her to raise the moon.Princess Celestia look at twilight again but notices that she was distracted looking at the Night gloomy sky.

'Ahhh...The moon looks so elegant tonight my sister'

'Indeed it is. The moon looks so beautiful, such a magnficent sight. A fare well done Luna'

'Thank you, also I think it is her trun now'

Princess Celestia noticed that Twilight Sparkle was Distracted on her thoughts. She was not responding and still distracted at the night sky

*All of those years passed and I still remember your faces clearly*

'Twilight... Twiliiiiight (as she whispered with her softly voice)'

'Ahhh!... Uhmm. Yes Princess?'

'It is your turn my dear*chuckles*'

'Ah, right Im sorry'

As twilight stand and will preform her magic, she sparked the whole sky with shiny bright twinkling stars. Though While she preforms her magic,princess Celestia took noticed and became a little bit anxious on twilight sparkle.

'The stars looks beautiful Twi- *Celestia saw twilight keep staring on the beautfil moonlight, and a tiny tear drop left her eye*'

'Twilight... What's wrong? 

'Im sorry Princess.. I know that youre not use to see me crying....'

'My dear you do not need to appologize, if there's something bothering you don't be afraid to let it out...'

Her depressing glare worries Celestia. She can not hold her feelings anymore. She decided to let Celestia know what she felt

'It has been Two thousand years and even that long years I feel like... I didn't learn anything at all. Especually what friendship is'

'What do you mean twilight? You’ve stop sending me letters about friendship Centuries ago because I believed you understand what it is mostly than Other ponies do'

'it's not that princess It's something else...'

'Then what is it my dear?'

'Princess, Do you still remember my first coronation?' 

Of course twilight why did you ask?' 

'Did you saw how happy I was or how I've felt throughout that time. I've felt like I achived something that I never had expected, Because of them because of my friends... I was very happy, happy seeing them, happy learning from them and happy to be with them.I was so happy and proud to became their friends and because of them I had the time of my life.


'Princess.... Do you still remeber my Celestial Coronation. I was so greatful that you gave me such a wonderful gift but still even what i have achieved I feel... I feel like something was missing. During that Coronation I had to put out a fake smile,I don't want anypony get notice but deep inside I was crying princess. Crying because The one close to me was not there.. My friends, My Brother... Even my parents. I had never felt such emptyness before.'

'Twilight.... I never have thought you felt that way. You really miss them, don't you?'

'*SobYes... princess... I missed them very much... I still remember that day... the day of how we all met one another...*She has flashbacks of her friends on when they first met*. I still remember each one and one of them, i still remember their smile, their mane, their laughter... I still remember the fun we had as friends...No greater than that... It has been a long time... and I have never forgotten our journeys as a family...'

Both of Luna and Celestia looked at twilight with worried faces, Though they let twilight cry out her emotions. They did not responded quickly

'Why..? Why does the ones I love intend to disappear...’

'.....' '.....'

As twilight tried to pull herself together, she didn't hesitate to ask

'How... how do you two do it?'

'Do what my dear?'

'How did you endure your wits for the past years? How did you manage to go on strong?'

There was a quick silence in the area as the two sisters was anxious about twilight’s thoughts, Luna was disturbed on what Twilight said and she responded unpleasntly.

'Some of us don't *as she looked away*'

'Oh.. Hush now my sister.'

'I need to go, I've got to keep somepony secure in their dreams'

'Twilight, remember your thoughts. Tis quite valuable on one pony's life'

As luna flew off and return back to secure everypony’s dream. Princess celestia and Twilight had a little conversation.

'Twilight You don't have to feel lonely, your friends... They always cared for you. Even when things passes on, The memories and adventures you had with them stays intact. Twilight... your family, your friends did not left you. They are still here looking down at you smiling upon you and Proud at you on how much you've grown in these past years. I had many friends just like you twilight. Me and luna, we had to endure the lost of our parents, and there have been times where we regret letting them go. But that lost didn't stop us from doubting them. There’s one thing the long years had thought me well Twilight sparkle.. It is that No pony truly leaves us as... long as we remember them and always believe in them... They are always here, guiding you *looked up in the stars*. We are always there for you Twilight sparkle.

Twilight didn't responded, but she gave a smile showing that she understood Princess Celestia's words, But Words can not cure one deepest injury...Even though she tried very hard, she can not let go of her friends and families...

'Thank you, Princess Celestia, I... I will keep those words'

'You don’t need to thank me Twilight. The moon and the stars glows brightly tonight twilight It is also getting pretty late, shall we go back to Canterlot?'

'I am glad to...but I think I’ll stay here for a while. I... I want to see the moonlight even more'

'As you wish, but be careful'

As Princess Celestia left, Twilight is still thinking about her friends. Though what Celestia had told twilight little had helped her and wondering about.She had a hard time pulling herself together.

*No pony truly leave us*, I don't understand it at all... My friends are not here with me anymore, but those words. Why does it sond so true but at the same time a lie...Why it confuses me? I.. I just want to see them again... Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie pie You were all very special to me. All those fun times, I will never forget you guys, and Spike... How could I ever forget my very first friend... You changed my life spike... you and the rest. If it wasn't for you guys, I Could not have gain all of this...'

But her thoughts was more focused on spike when she knew that spike is still out there,

'Spike... It's been a long time since I let Spike free. He said he wanted to continue what he was. He wants to be in his true kind, he's still out there but it's been a long time since I last saw him, I Know! *as she said it with excitment* I should visit spike. He must be at the Badlands. It has been Decades since our final goodbye


Twilight Sparkle



*It has been A thousand and a half years since I last saw spike, it was also our fare well. Even though i can see it in him, he also regets that decision but a dragon's path is something no pony can understand. So I let him go, to wandered off places he wants*

Uhmm..... Twilight?

Yes, Spike. Do you need something?

I.. Uhmm .. want to..

You want to?

I want to head out on a journey...

A journey? oohh that sounds great! Were Will you go?

I don't know yet twi... but i want to take another journey about me, me being a dragon.

Oh spike. Is this one of your 'Quest of self discovery again?'

Yeah! This time im serious, I want to take this journey alone and live with the dragons like i was meant to be.


'Im sorry if im asking way to much twi I re--

'I Princess Twilight sparkle hereby decree on this very day, that Spike the dragon will set out on his new journeys to live with his own race to find his true identity'

'Huh?! You... you really mean it twi?

'Of course. I know this is very important and means a lot to you. I don't want to get in your way again, just like last time..

'Oh.. Thank you Twilight! Thank you Thank you!'

'But before you go, promise me one thing... Spike'

'Yes Twi- I mean your Highness?'

'Promise me that,You'll always be my friend, You'll always be part of our family  and What ever happens. You'll never stop being such a sweet little dragon.

' .... It's a promise'

*That day, you went out another journey for self discovery and I guess you succeeded. For this passed years you live your life as full pledge dragon, What happened to you spike?'

As she set and fly off to the southern parts of  Equestria, to the badlands. She find herself at the heart of every dragon and other ancient lizard species. As she land to the fiery mountain... She was noticed by the Dragons, paused on what they’re doing they rounded up as a group. Then one young dragon steps in front of twilight sparkle.


Well, I've had to end it here... I will contine the rest of the parts tomorrow, thanks for reading  it sorry if it gets cut along the way.. I became lazy today...