Well if you know me well. I DONT LIKE FAN FICTIONS. Yeah i don’t like them that much.. Hmm so why I made this fan fiction well....I got bored and i was inspired by a lot of photos, comic , videos etc.. and mostly of them brought me Ideas to make a story... and that’s why anyway try to enjoy this very FIRST Unfinished Fan fict of mine :)

PS: the song is learned my lesson by daughtry and i messed it up a little bit to fit on the story

Pss: i did this on MSWord if anyone said this is copy and paste, because different fonts it is but it is made by me :P

PSSS: im really new to this whole Fanfiction thing. Im not experienced for that fact this is my first. And i dont know how Fanfiction really work.

PSSSS: i dont know what really happened here the colors wont appear as of some parts. when i copy and paste it

PSSSSS : PLS delete this blog *face hooof* -_-