Ok ok... I've been wondering this for now. When I became a fond of the show,hmm it all started on Adventure time wikia where mostly all of the users on chat are ponies by mean everyone I MEAN EVERYONE. I was shock and responded what the... what's all with the ponies? Then everyone suggested that i should try it first.. well You know what, I refused.Then after a few days, Everyone is talking about Ponies again and they were targeting me and saying. You will join the herd, no one can resist, everyone must be assimilated into the herd. I responded... What the hell..i dont even..seriously guys?.. Then they suggested to me again to watch a few episode so that I'll know what they're all been talking about so i agree to watch some few episode to shut them up.When i gave it a shot, I was groaning all the time especially at the beginning (the season 1 pilot) especially on the book opening part and  the opening theme song.As I continue to watch.Everything just go so smoothly (not what i expected, I was expecting tea house and other girly stuff) until....Pinkie pie..oh god seeing pinkie pie for the first time, I graon evertime she sopke. I HATED PINKIE back then as in she's the reason why i hated MLP on the first place,It's a good thing i didnt stop watching the first two eopisode.I continue watching the episode until the end i was surprise that i finished it.After watching the episode ,For some reason I am surprised that I liked it..I really never expected on liking this show.I didnt have the confidence to tell my Wikifriends that i Like it.. so i kept it a secret and told them i didnt like it...I've kept quiet and begun hating the show until i couldnt handle the denial anymore so I began to show hints that i did like the show. Then everyone noticed and here I am  3 months later never regreting that i love the show :D.

Yeah.. at first hated it. It took me a while to convince myself on liking it. I dont know with other people but for me a girly show about colored ponies,is hard for me to accept. But 3 months later, here I am now enjoying the characters, the story, or other things this show got in stored.Yup i've became a hard fan of MLP , hehe how silly from a hater to a hard fan, Kinda ironic if you ask me XD.

Now Im been wondering this and always wanted to ask other bronies too.. on How long did you convince yourself on liking the show?/ you made yourself  fond of the show?

Me? it took me 3 months(From mid april to end of july) to convience myself to like the show.Now how long did you? :)