Ok.. this was new to me today.. they say they will change the style of view on MLP from little kids to teen girls. I think the change is more focused to us Bronies. This all happen when i was scrolling on youtube, and i saw JustSomeBrony Posted a new MLP news (it's kinda my way to get updates on the fandom and stuff) anyway as I saw the video I heard that hasbro will change the IP for MLP, From Little girls to teen girls.. yeah... But im not very sure if I heard that correct....I am  uncertain if Hasbro will make another MLP for Teens or They will change the recent MLP FIM (im not good at listening) But i know that hasbro will make some big changes on MLP... Changes that Will affect the the type of viewing age for MLP.

Then I begun searching for this news First i saw something on MLP forums   (It seems as though that this news was released as the same time when the MLP FIM Movie is confirmed). By reading the comments i discover that the MLP IP thing is confirmed and will be announced on the next comic con on San diego. Then It is also posted on EQD that means it is really 100% that they will change something on MLP to be more suitable on Teen girls but im still not sure if MLP FIM will be affect.

My thought

After hearing this I was very unpleased because they will change what MLP is all about and what makes MLP special..(For what i observe atleast)... In my point of view.. MLP is very Unique because it is target on 4 year old girls but got famous because of adult men/Teens. 

I know that I am in short on research but this news is kinda big so i decided to make a blog of it..Now ireally need your thoughts and opinions about the MLP IP change/ in other words, They will make MLP for Teen girls I. 

Thanks for your time everypony :)