This is just a Musical blog I decided to share :)

PS: All of this blog is based on my opinion :P

It is Only about music,the music I mostly listened to or my favorite music in and out of the fandom. I will only put my top 10 music that I always listen to and my favorite. First if you know me well, I love music, it is like my second life. I spend most of my time (if I don't have anything to do) listening to music,it soothes me, makes me relax also, it sometimes gives me some energy or determination and it makes me think more clearly. I will listen any type of music as long as I fell in love with it, enjoy listening to it or how the lyrics relates to me. The type of music genre I prefer to listen the most is Rock, hip-hop, acoustic, electro pop, and some on the classical type. I don't have much interest on dubstep and Metal core, I don't enjoy that more than the other genre. I am more on the Softer side of the Music Genre

Music is more than an Entertainment, I see it as a language, Another way, a very creative way to express our feelings thoughts out load, In my opinion it is the best way to share our thoughts with others :) 

I am always Intrigued by some music in this fandom, at first I though the music genre that this fandom plays was Dubstep,the kind of musc which i really don't like but when i search deeper I am surprised to see some bands, acoustic, Vocals etc.. type of music in the fandom I decided to hear it and I enjoyed it well, I might even say that it might be as good as some modern music and some famous bands known today, well that's only my Opinion

I also want to know, Do you listen to some music in and out of the fandom? if you do what are them? I am very curios to see what they are :)

Anyway here are the music I mostly listen to In short My favorites (top 12) :D

Outside the Fandom

And more...
I always do believe that if you Love music you also know how to play some intruments, well Ironically for me I can't play even one, I only have my terrible voice. Here are some of my Favorite Brony music and in MY OPINION,are the best music in the fandom.

Inside the Fandom

And More....
Also I wanna ask again, Do you have a fovirte music? Oh, please Do share and thank you :)