Ok Welcome Reader. It has been a while since i made another blog, (because was too bored and stuff) anyway Now since Season 4 has already aired It gave me an To make a Review blog just share my thoughts on the Recent episode.

So here are my thoughts or On Castle Mane-ia

Firstly what's the episode is about(spoilers.. DUH!!)

it started off with twilight back in at her Golden oak tree library searching a book to know about the MYSTERIOUS box that appeared in the Tree of harmony, but thus failed. Then She recieved a letter from celestia saying that there might be something from her old castle that would help on her research...Next scene are from the rest of AJ and RD, who are Competing again for who is the most daring Pony but Tied because of Pinkie pie's AMAZING math skill -_-, that made them do a competition for who can stay the longest on Celestia and luna's old castle then the following scene was from Rarity and Fluttershy who are already walking to the direction of the old castle, the reason is Rarity needs Fluttershy's help to revive some old artifacts in the castle, After some twist and turns They ended up scaring up ech other in the end. But realized ot was just them all along, and not the pony of shadow.... Kinda.


I Really enjoy the episode it was fun to watch. And oh the part of who's actually shadow pony was kinda obvious Lol i already figured it out when the The 2 group (rarity, Fluttershy, AJ and RD) was lost in the castle. Im surprised that they put called disembodied Pony legs in the lower floor halls and the scene where they made Fluttershy Thinks Angel was crushed....because you know for kids! (I think that was my favorite part). I also want to point out that I like the way brought up the Rivalry of AJ and RD in this episode, like AJ and RD being competetive on each other In fall weather friends, and I also liked,that they did a Rarity and Fluttershy moment again like from the time where Fluttershy and Rarity hanging out each other like from Green isn't your color.

To me, this episode has no characterization progress but an episode being an Episode. Just being silly and crazy with no movement from the storyline at all, and thus making it feel like a Flat episode,

What I also like in  this episode was Pinkie pie, she Was actually funny in this episode (well to me atleast)  Even though her scene was kinda short she made me chuckled Especially at the Bell ringing part (that really got me). Im surprised that she made me laughed, i've never laugh with pinkie pie or laughed at her jokes since Season 2 XD.But she still same old pinkie. Let's admit it was obvious that pinkie was behind it all... -_-

Also The idea of a journal,It's a good way to replace That Letter thing to Celestia  It shows that, they will now List down their adventures or some tips or thoughts or the Moral they've achieve on each episode. Rather than A letter to the princess it's now a Diary for future readers. That... i say that was a great thought. I love that part.

The Pacing was decent not rushed and not that slow. The Writing hmm.. not that bad, decent to great. But i say For a new writer he actually did a great job :) The Animation are Imagery was spectacular. I can say I think we all know that it has improved throughout the year, The Imagery Presented in this Episode Really show the Ruins of Celestia and luna's old castle.The message was... well..  The message of this episode is very helpful for those who rushes things, Like in school work or some adventuring, Sometimes learn to know what you are To know thing first can help you more

The thing that bothers me was the conflict between their fears and how they were scared on something not scary at all. Also on how they were running around crazy in the end. That's just... .Eh... Some parts are very ridiculous and some parts are just... irritationg. 


All in all This was a fun and CRAZY episode to watch for me, A good-great episode that i think everybody would enjoy (if they watch it open mindedly). 

Final Grade to this episode is 8.2/10 (rewatched and Regathered my thoughts)

Nihi The Brony (talk)