Well Well Well, It's finally over. The long awaited season 4 finale is finally come to an end. This is my thoughts on the sesaon 4 finale,Twilight's Kingdom,

You know, at first I was very worried but became very Optimistic about the idea that twilight will get her own kingdom and along with the whole rainbow power thing, I mean it's already obvious that she will get a kingdom of her own given that she became a princess on the season 3 finale.I'm just glad that McCarthy did a fine well job handling it. I mean With the whole staff working for a toy company that advertise the show with their own ideas and the head of producer must always add hasbro's ideas in the show. *cough* Rainbow Power, Twilight's castle etc.. *cough. Even the idea of EQG was very Ehh.. for McCarthy (she dislikes it) But it was a proposal from hasbro that for them to work on it so they have no choice.

First of all (a short summary reaction). The animation was Fantastic, I also love the fighting scene. We get to see a DBZ action between Tirek and OP twilight. Discord, man, Discord was acing up with them references and jokes but his action this episode still buffles me. I also love the history of tirek and Scorpan. It opened up more lore building and HISTORY! I love the whole Choosing and sacrificing scene from the finale. Discord choosing to side with Tirek for freedom but in return sacrificing his trust and friendship with the Mane 6. Celestia and the other two princesses chose to give twilight their powers in return for Tirek not getting them and twilight making a rough decision between Friends or Equestria (still have an issue with this).

But all in all..

I loved it, actually it became my favorite finale than A Canterlot wedding, atleast here there was a message not like in Season 2's finale where everything was like Pew Pew Pew laser beams everywhere, and when the villain is defeated, Party time. The lesson here was like a combination of Magical Mystery cure and Princess twilight sparkle, it's about finding your purpose. You are growing up. things are starting to change you WILL face difficult task and WILL choose different choices and WILL also making self-sacrifices ahead. Yes, Your choices, your sacrifices determines who you will be or what you are going to be. The lesson is pretty common actually, for all of us and especially with leaders.

I enjoyed it, it was a very great episode, An amazing way to end a great season. After the finale Season 4 became my favorite season ever, slightly advancing on season 2. See you guys in season 5 ◕ิ ྱ◕ิ

Nihi The Brony (talk)