Season 3 Just ended and there's been a lot of drama comming from the Brony Community about season 3. Some say it is the worst season of all because the lack of episodes and Twilight being an alicorn , Some say it's still as good as the previeous seasons n while others just Meh..I am that type of Brony Who Belive that season 3 have that same feeling of season 2's and 1 and still as good as both of them. 

Now i wanted to know what episode ratings you give on season 3? From 1 to 13, 1 being the highest and 13 being your least favorite.Before I start my Ranking list I'll tell you How I judge an episode.i judge a Episode Emotionally Than Critically and and I mostly Focuses on the episode's Deep meaning than it's purpose / physical attributes. I do apply all of them in my way of judgment but Majority is, I judge it Mostly on How I felt in that episode while figuring out it's meaning plus at the same time Understanding it or enjoying it. And oh i forgot if the show have some Unexpected scene on it/twist, it has a big thing on me :P

Ok here's my ''PERSONAL'' ranking of season3's episode. I know  that some of you dont agree with me but it's a personal ranking list, It's my opinion, Feel free to state any opinions of yours and feel free to post your PERSONAL ranking list too :)

Note: all of the reason why i love an episode was cut to make the blog shorter

1)Magical Mystery Cure  - To me this is By far the MOST emotionally episode that MLP have. All of the musical numbers fits every scene.Especially Celestia's ballad and A True True Friend.The Emotions I felt on this episode are profound. To be Honest I almost burst in liquid pride twice in this episode. Such surprise coming from a show for little girls made me emotional. What I Understand or what i saw on this episode is really deep very very deeper tha I ever can imagine, How Valuable Friendship is It's like a Disney Episode and I love Disney episodes with their feels and such. I can understand why people are having doubts on this episode and im no right to argue with that especially from an Episode who have BIG CHANGE for a character. Anyway I really enjoyed this episode Emotionally and critically and it placed to be my favorite of all in season 3.

2)Apple Family Reunion  - Ah... this episode suppose to be my Favorite until Mystery Magical Cure aired. The feelings I felt on this episode are like no any other normal episode of MLP. The feeling of family..and How important they are to you. The hardship, the goals, the fun you have done with your family.Yes that feeling of a Whole again kicks in on this episode. To be honest, I kinda have a problem of Family IRL.. and this Episode Made Me realize how important they really are to me. It made me Recognize again that youre Family is still complete, Even It is broken ;-; .... ;-; this is what that family thing meant Hmm if youre wondering what scene made me think that way. It's the scene where applejack looked at sky, and saw two shooting star and by knowing that two shooting star was Her parents...I lost it there

3)Sleepless in Ponyville - Episode about scootaloo. Two reason why I loved this episode was the ending and Luna.The ending was great The bonds between RD and scootaloo had me get that Profound feelings.. the feeling of having a younger Sister/brother... TBH My younger sister is the only thing I have that I Consider as a family... and when that scene brought up.. it made me realized of How important She was to me a much much more deep realization.About luna's scene it was played well to be honest. She made her role Which I dont know about her role as the princess of the night, that makes everypony smile on their dreams. I learned something new from luna that day :)

4)Too Many Pinkie Pies - Oh how I love this episode. This episode Kinda relates me on my Friends IRL. I love my friends..I consider them as A Family To me. Whenever i do something wrong or to make my friend upset i really will find a way to make her/him forgive me and make her/him be happy again. Like what Pinkie pie did here and I do ANYTHING to help my friends out.. ANYTHING and oh I LOVE PINKIE PIE :D

5)One Bad Apple  - Ah I love this episode even tho the plot here is the bully type plot. this show somehow reminds me of who I am actually, The feeling of different. Yeah whenever you meet someone new or new at school I felt the same way as Babs did. Like Oh no Im new , Are these people ok? I hope i can get along with these people and I love the song.

6)Just For Sidekicks - I just love what they did to spike here. Even though he learned a lesson from greedyness from Secret of My Excess he is stoll doing pretty much the same thing on this episode,he's still greedy XD. But the greedyness coming from this episode is different compared to the Secret of My Excess. all of the gem is EARNED not STOLE.I love the writers havnt yet forgetten what a true dragon is. like in the Mythology. and that's what dragons really are, A greedy reptiled race (MY OPINION, I bet DT will notice this) and spike Reminds me of me on this episode I admit that i am also a greedy person  :P :P

7)Magic Duel  - The return of Trixie episode. I'll be Honest here This episode is a ok-ok episode for me not that good and not that bad either. The only  thing that caught my attention is Trixie's Realization on the end.I defenitely wasnt expecting that from her really. That scene was a Guilt Scene which I didnt expect coming from her and I know how poerful guilt can be.. It can drive a person CRAZY!..., Experienced..

8)Wonderbolts Academy - A RD episode following her dream. I like it :) Seeing rainbow dash Going through her dreams was what rainbow dash is. Her dream as a wonderbolt didnt quite what she expected. As her knowing that if her dreams can harm her friends then that dream of her isnt as great. A great way to show how Valuable friends are to you and for her.And i love the Military theme on that episode, Quite new in MLP, OH and LIGHTNING DUST! <3 

9)Keep Calm and_Flutter_On - Return of Discord, Lol i think this episode is a good way  expressing Fluttershy's Element, Kindness.The jokes that Discord pulls was hillarious XD and im quite surprised that Fluttershy turned down on her friends by disagreeing with them and was more surprised when this episode focuses on reforming discor but alas the episode's ending was pretty rushed in my opinion.I do enjoyed the episode pretty much.

10)Games Pony Play - I like what they did on this episode it's connected on Just for Sidekicks Which I really love on every series. To be honest i dont have anything much to say about this episode except for that and Their Cheer song But I did enjoyed the episode Pretty much :)

11)The Crystal Empire-Part 1 - season 3's pilot not that great yet not that bad either. I love mostly the first parts of this episode where they explained about Twilight's Destiny it brought great mysteries on the brony community. It leaves us questions to what it is until today. I was also surprised to see Celestia using Black magic I dont even... i mean how can she.. well.. she is a goddes after all. and oh the Introduction of the Crystal empire. Well I'll be honest I like them going to the Empire it has that Adventurous feeling sort of thing. There were A lot of explaination on this episode and King Sombra... for me is sucha disappointment because he didnt much do anything at all and what are his plot? yes he's a king of shadow and darkness.. but what's his reason for taking the empire? Anyway i did enjoy the first series It has that Climax feeling where it stopped

12)The Crystal Empire-Part_2 Same thought on part 1 but I was surprised that someone died on this episode... king sobra.. REALLY  I WAS... Surprised he was Incinerated By a giant big Love explosion.. Lol that scene made me rethink about this episode XD. That part is just a shocker while at the same time Hillarious. Well for me though and it gave out more mysteries about twilight and her Destiny at the end Luna Poped a book a book of something... which was Introduced on Magical Mystery Cure.

13)Spike at your Service - I like Spike's role here It's like watching an episode from hayate no gotoku which a buttler who is Loyal to his Mistress. It gave me that Otaku feeling again. Anyway I dont have anything much to say on this episode except that I enjoyed it pretty well and a new way of animation was introduced also.Sorry TD :P

That ends about it well I know you all wont agree with me But this is what i felt on the whole Season 3. I just wanna know what's your Opinion on Season 3? and what do you think about the episodes?

and Oh for those who are lazy to read here is the list:

10- being I relly loved and enjoy the episode/ NOT being Perfect

1)Magical Mystery Cure (10/10)

2)Apple Family Reunion (9.7/10)

3)Sleepless in Ponyville (9.3/10)

4)Too Many Pinkie Pies (9.2/10)

5)One Bad Apple (9/10)

6)Just For Sidekicks (8.8/10)

7)Magic Duel (8.5/10)

8)Wonderbolts Academy (8.4/10)

9)Keep calm and flutter on (8.3/10)

10)Games Pony Play (8.2/10)

11)Crystal Empire Pt1 (8.1/10)

12)Crystal Empire Pt2 (8/10)

13)Spike at your service 7.5/10