Hello another blog from nihi :3 

Originally I was suppose to leave last june 25th because that was the day where I will start my class, but fortunately it was moved to July 14th. Now it's getting near to date and i wanna say my goodbye. I will take a looooongbreak from the wiki because school is back this year, I will be very very busy, Like last i can procrastinate and stuff because i know my subjects are minors but now, my subjects are majors that is very related in my program (I'm in college btw). I will not be gone completely I can still go here once in a while but not very often like I used abd that's only in my spare time or breaktime, still I'm pretty sure I will be very busy this whole term or else my father will kill me! I will miss all of you guys, it was fun, it was very fun and I hope I can still see you all after I come back :)

This is nihi Signing off, and always stay POSITIVE

Nihi The Brony (talk)