Author's Note

Hey there, Nihi here. Well this is my very first Completed story. The reason why I made a story like this is I want to send a message, and two I am just bored

Well hope you enjoyed the story, it's very simple but All of this are MLP related. Oh btw I am telling Two stories in one, so try to guess the other one ;)

Inspiration came from the famous Portriat of, The persistence of memories

This is my first, so please bear with my mistakes. Hope you enjoy reading :D

Time rots away, but memories stays

Make all the things you enjoy or do as memorable as you can, because they are only temporary

-Nihi The Brony-

The Clock and The Butterfly

We change, that’s what we are and we can’t stop it. We are like a caterpillar. We pursue our dreams, we keep moving, going forward to make ourselves happy. And if we achieve some goals and our dreams we feel more free, like a butterfly. But along the way we also make decisions, decision that can affect our lives and our dreams. Sometimes, we need to change ourselves to achieve that dream but sometimes we regret doing it. Remember, whatever change you come and whatever decisions you make, that is made by yourself, no one else, not your parents not your friends but only you. You, yourself defines who you are, and what you will become not someone else.

Here’s a simple little story about a guy named Philip, now Philip is a senior high school student and he is like any other normal teen. He lives a normal life, he goes to school, play sports, Loves arts, etc. Like any other regular highschool student is. Then one Saturday morning, Philip was home, up in his room at his bed, Bored, tired and don't know what to do on the weekend. He kept thinking to himself on what kind of things he’ll do that day. He started to get hungry. He haven’t taken his breakfast yet so he decided to go downstairs grabbed a bite for breakfast. While after, He also came up the idea to ask his mom some suggestion on what he will do for that day.So he went downstairs to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

While at the kitchen Philip then asked his mother on what they’ll be having for breakfast.

‘’Mom what’s for breakfast?’’ and his mother replied

‘’ The old classic bacon and eggs, I’m still preparing sweetie, It’ll take some time. If you want, there’s still some cereal left at the cabinet’’ and Philip responded

‘’Mmm... Bacon and eggs, sounds great, but I’m going to have the Cereal please’’.

He prepared a bowl, took the cereal from the upper cabinet, and took the milk from the fridge then he starts eating. After some minutes of eating, he again asked his mother.

‘’Hey mom, today’s pretty slow for me’’

‘’huh? Is something the matter sweetie?’’

‘’Well you see mom, I have been thinking, what should to do today? But I can’t think of anything. Do you have any suggestion?’’ and her mother replied back with a teasing response

‘’Well...Do you want to help me clean up the house?’’


His mother gave a little chuckle to Philip and she said,’’ Alright I think I have something that you can do for the day, wait here, I’m going to get it in my room, upstairs’’

As Philip’s mom gone upstairs, to get the item in her room, Philip was very curious and excited on what his mother is going to get. Ideas of curiosity filled into Philip’s mind, thrilled rushes through his skin as he heard his mother coming down from the staircase. His expression changed and the mood of the room also changes when he saw what his mother showed to him, a clock, a colourful table clock. The Clock composed with 6 different colours, 5 of which are seen from the body which is, light gamboge, White, Pink, cyan, and yellow and violet for the hands of the clock.

When Philip first saw the clock, he was very confused. He have no idea why his mother is trying to give that clock to him and why his mother thought that, a single table clock would solve his boredom problem. Confused and clueless, he then asked his mom about that table clock

‘’uhmm... Mom what is this?’’

‘’Sweetie it’s a table clock’’ as his mom said it confidently

‘’Mom... I know it’s a table clock, but how can a table clock solve my boredom? And where did you get this anyway?’’

His mom explained where she got the table clock ‘’I got it from the mall. I don’t know, it just appealed to me when I first saw it, so I just bought it, here I’m going to give it to you, because you like arts and stuff and then I thought you might like it’’

‘’uhhh... thanks, I guess?’’ As he said it with an unsure tone.

Philip accepted his mother’s gift, he thanked for it and told her that he’ll just read some books and rest for the day. So he got back on his room. He decided to place the clock on the TV because it is parallel to his bed and it is much easier for him to take notice of the time. He just placed the Table clock on top of his Television then he scurried towards his bed and sleep throughout the morning until late Noon.

When Philip woke up and trying to catch his senses, the first thing he saw was that oddly coloured table clock his mother gave to him but he ignored it. He then read a book for his liking but after a while his attention got caught on that clock’s oddly coloured pattern. He tried to take his mind off that clock, but he can’t. Even though he tried his best to ignore it, it still manages to sneak up into his mind. Then when at his point, he had enough. He checked the clock one more time and tried to study it. He opened up the window near his bed to get some light in the surroundings and to light up the corner of the room where the clock is placed.

‘’Argh... what is up with this clock? Why does it have this kind of colouring? Why it’s getting my undivided attention? It’s making me nuts. Anyway, since it got my attention I guess, I can try to look at it for a while.’’

He asked himself ‘’Why is it this table clock have 5 different colour patterns on its body? And why colour the hands of the clock magenta? I don’t get it? It’s not the usual dark brown or black clock I see most of the time’’

After some time analyzing the clock, Philip realized that the more he questions it, the heavier the weight he puts on to his mind... So, he just let it go and accepted what the clock as it and he became more optimistic by it.

‘’Hmm... It’s actually not that bad, if you got used in seeing the colour pattern for a while that is.

After all the odd things he went with the multi-coloured table clock, he then noticed a caterpillar creeping towards it. He picked up that caterpillar and put it in a more safer place, the tree branch that near to his window.

‘’hey there little guy, didn’t see you there. You’re very far from your home ain’t ya? Here let me help you.’’

After a few weeks Philip thanked his mother one more time and told her that she was very clever about giving that table clock to him that day. Philip also explained how the table clock almost occupied all of his time that day and how he felt happier and more relaxed seeing that clock every time he arrived home, stressed. From then on, Philip continued living his life more joyfully and more carefree.

After a few months, Philip got busier with his school work.He was given a lot of home work, He mostly goes home late because of a school club activity. His graduation is coming to a near too, so he also needs to prepare for it too. With all of those events held for him, he doesn’t have enough time to notice the clock. Philip also didn't recognize that his Room got dirtier. Philip was busy in the past few months, he is nearing his graduation from high school and now he is stepping towards a much bigger role in his life, college. Most of his time was occupied with school projects and preparations for his graduations that’s why he did not have the time to clean up his room or pay attention to anything that will distract him from his work. His mom noticed this and made Philip do some Spring cleaning, Even though it’s not even spring.

‘’Philiiiiip! Could you come here to your room for a minute’’ as his mother called.

Philip went up to his room and when he saw his mother having a disappointing expression on her face. Philip immediately knew what will come for him.

‘’Philip, Look at this mess! It’s like a stampede just went by in your room. I want to see your room tidy this afternoon’’ As his mom ordered

‘’Yes mother.... *Sigh*’’ As he said it with grief.

After that little conversation with Philip’s mother, he then started cleaning his room and his mom went downstairs and did some chores. Philip’s room was really in chaos, his clothes was scattered around the floor, his school books and some of his home work are scattered all over his bed, and the table are covered in dust. So he really took his time cleaning his room. When he was about to finish cleaning, he noticed the clock that his mom gave to him was pretty dirty so he decided to clean it up as well. As he goes to the TV where the clock was placed he noticed that there was a dead fly near the table clock and he said to himself

‘’Huh? Odd to see a dead fly here I didn’t remember placing any food on the TV’’

He just shrug the fly off and throw it away, outside the window. Outside the Window he noticed a Bright green butterfly roosting on the tree branch near ledge of his window. He was amazed on how bright and colourful that butterfly is but after some seconds the butterfly flew off and he got back to the oddly multi coloured Table clock.

When he checked the clock, he felt a little sad because it was not in condition anymore, the colours are starting to fade away and the clock hands stopped moving and it is placed exactly at 10:00. It was very sad for him to see his favourite table clock stop working anymore. He tried to change the batteries thinking that it was all drained out but it still didn’t work. He then decided to go see his mother in thought she can help him out again.

It was already afternoon, Philip’s mom was downstairs in the kitchen washing the dishes. Philip then went downstairs, to ask his mom if she can able to fix the clock.

‘’Hey, uh mom you know the table clock you gave to me?’’ he asked

‘’Yes, Sweetie?’’

‘’It stopped working now, do you think the mall where you bought this can fix it?’’

His mother paused for a while and think. After a Few seconds, she come up with an answer for her son’s clock problem

‘’I’m sorry sweetie, the place where I bought that clock doesn’t have a horologist, but I think I have something that might solve your clock problem. Wait, let me get it upstairs in my room.’’

Philip agreed, he waited for his mother to return from her room. While waiting, Philip chuckled and said to himself

‘’why is this scene so familiar? It’s like the time where she gave me this odd coloured table clock’’.

A few minutes later his mom came down from the stairs and was holding something very familiar. As she walked towards Philip, Philip recognized what the item his mom is holding and he gives out a confused reaction.

‘’Mom... Is that a clock?’’ he asked

‘’Yes, Sweetie but this time it’s a wall clock, much better than a whimsical table clock’’ as she replied

‘’ But mom, how can a wall clock fix my Table clock problem?’’

‘’Well, you said you needed ‘’that thing’’ to be fixed, since I don’t know how to fix or look a clock and neither the place where I bought that. Then I thought to myself, what better way to fix a something if you replace it with a new one? Since you seem in need a new clock, then I’ll give you a new clock. So here new wall clock’’

‘’You do have a point, but this clock means a lot to me. I mean you gave this to me, I’m surprised that you’re just willing to replace it with another’’

His mother smiled, and gave an honest and meaningful response

‘’Philip, you’re attending college next year right?’’ as she asked

‘’Yes, you do you asked?’’ as he replied

‘’Oh nothing, this is just a perfect opportunity to make a life decision’’

‘’How can deciding about whether to replace a clock a life decision?’’

‘’Bear with me sweetie. Well, the clock is yours now, you decide what to do with, you can replace it, you can throw it away, or you can just keep to yourself. As she smiled in response. 

Philip was first confused onto what his mom said, but a few seconds later, He realized what his mom is try to do.

‘’ I think I know what you’re trying to say mom. This is a problem that I have to deal on my own, and as a growing person, we need to sometimes be independent on decision we make. I get, I get Thanks mom, I know what I’m going to do with the table clock you gave to me’’

‘’Alright sweetie, good luck’’ as his mom returns cleaning the dishes After the conversation, Philip thanked his mom and plan to rest in his room to watch some shows for the entire afternoon. While he was walking along the hallway toward the staircase he noticed a Bright-Green butterfly flying overhead on his mother’s head. He told his mom about that Bright-Green butterfly.

‘’Mom, look up there’s a butterfly hovering on your head’’

His mom looked up and saw the butterfly, ‘’Oh yeah, that’s odd, how did a butterfly get inside? It might be lost’’

upon seeing the butterfly Philip's mom opened the window, which is in front of her. Then the butterfly just flew off. Philip continued to his room. At his room he placed the old table clock on top of the television and put the wall clock on the wall above the table clock. Then soon after, he occupied himself with reading some books and watched something from the television.

Later that night, when Philip was about to go to bed. He looked at the broken Multi-coloured table clock and held it for the last time and said. ‘

’Heh, You really are a troublesome clock ain’t ya. For the past few months I was drawn by your oddly shading of colours, cyan, light gamboge, yellow, white, pink and Violet. It was really weird, I don’t know how but it just did. Now, a few months later, you’ve gotten old and most of your colours are falling apart now and you’re not functioning anymore. I know what to do with you. No, I will not throw you away. You’re one special item to be considered as garbage’’

Philp went to the corner of the room and opened a chest filled with old goods, ranging from his first and old toys to the photo albums of him when he was as child, He then Placed the Broken Multi coloured clock there for safe keeping.

‘’I’ll put you here for safe keeping’’ He then smiled, and locked the chest. After that he felt like a changed man, stretching as far as he can as to shake off the stress. ‘’Wheeew, I don’t know why I worked up for a whimsical table clock, but it sure was fun. I will miss that feeling of curiousness I had with that clock. Sheesh! It’s getting hot in here, better open the window. He opened the window to let in the cool air breeze .*yawn* now off to bed, big day tomorrow goodnight. And he fall asleep.

A few hours had passed. A butterfly, A Bright green butterfly flew inside in his room and Roosted beside Philip’s head and he slept more peacefully.


Nihi The Brony (talk)