Twilight Sparkle will become an alicorn or even will be the next ruler of equestria....

OK OK before i watched the season 3 pilot.. i've been hearing a lot of rumor that twilight will become a Alicorn or even possibly replace Princess Celestia on her thorne, Well of course it's just a rumor. It all started when i was scroling down on Equestria daily trying to findsome pony pics or something then i found this Twilight Alicorn look at the poster on the background.. twilight is an alicorn. When I first saw this,I reacted This is not true,why would they make twilight an alicorn? alicorn should be rare.. IF..they do this it will have a great impact on the show,Uproars everywhere'. Then while i was watching the 8 min preview Princess Celestia also said something "She will succeed on her task and when she does, We'll know that she's that much closer of being ready, ready?.. ready for what?.. what will Twilight sparkle be ready for?.. i think it's something big..very big and that's where that Twilight Alicorn came to my mind again..of course that will be big and also..Luna brings out a book at the ending of the season 3 pilot. What is it?.. it brings out more mysteries on what will happen with Twilight sparkle..

So.. I began researching on the internet and I found about this blog post Twilight Sparkle's Destiny *Spoilers* I notice this guy's caught my attention** "So I went to Equestria Daily, and based on subtle hints like the commercials saying "one mare might discover her destiny," I read rumors that Twilight Sparkle is going to become an alicorn princess. In other words, they're going to force her to abandon her friends, and kill the very core essence that made My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic good in the first place!

That destiny better be something else, hopefully one that involves her five friends as well as Twilight, rather than just her and her alone. If any time it involves making her abandon her friends for the alicorn princess lifestyle, then I'll be as much royally pissed as I was with Mass Effect 3's terrible ending. I mean, the other five main ponies were all nothing without Twilight Sparkle, and vice versa! To make her abandon her friends, and in-turn everything the show stood for, namely the magic of friendship, is just... jumping the shark!

Not to mention, I can't handle sadness and bittersweet endings. I'm a man, and sentimentality is for the weak! And yet... MLP: FiM was the first time ponies were something else other than frolicking, namely by being an emotionally engaging tale of friendship. It's this quality that inspired legions of bronies watching and enjoying the show. And the idea of Twilight having to say goodbye forever to her friends, so that she could live on as an alicorn..."

Hold on for just one second..." of course this is just a blog it maybe fake.. but the only thing that caught my attention is So I went to Equestria Daily, and based on subtle hints like the commercials saying "one mare might discover her destiny," He found some hints on equestria daily and i know EQD is the official pony blog and I also found that Twilight Alicorn poster on EQD too..something connects here.. But after all it's just a rumor.. so i made some further research and found this on Deviant art yes Deviant -_- It's on Deviant that picture caught my attention and yes i know it's only a photo but what really caught my attention is that, look at the middle photo look at twilight sparkle plushie she has a wings... it seems everything connects it also leaves me with many questoins.. why would hasbro have a Twilight Sparkle plushie with wings?,Is this Rumor is True? and why did hasbro removed that youtube Video? does it means that it shows spoilers?...We dont know yet i guess we will have to wait and see.. "Oh I almost forgot, have you notice about Luna,Celestia,and Twilight Sparkle?... have you notice that their names somehow connects i mean Celestia as princess of the sun, while Luna the moon, and twilight.. means stars/light.. right?" What im trying to point out is that try searching these adjective on the internet and they seem to connect with each other.. Clestial,Luna, and Twilight, Planetary stuff.. i guess.. So what do you think?.. will Twilight be an Alicorn in future episodes or People are just Exaggerating too much? After all, all of this is just a rumor

Here somebody found another hint That twilight MIGHT/WILL become an alicorn. A thread found on Equestria Daily Again!.. Here is the Thread Im An Alicorn Whooptiedoo . It was posted last Jan 14 (im kinda late sorry :P).seeing it on posted on EQD really frightens me IDK why... maybe because.. it's the center news for Ponies.Anyway this photo is about a Book, A sticker Book 500 Stickers wow.. 500 Ponies stickers are there yey ahem. so this Girl showed the Twilight section of the book showing a close up picture of Twilight sparkle and she has wings. Well seeing that photo i was kinda curious...and said it this to myself Why would there be an alicorn twilight there?...Is hasbro giving us hints that Twilight will indeed become a full pledge Alicorn? or something else. IF that were the case i just hope twilight's transformation wont ruin The story of the show or even worst ruining MLP (you know.. fandom conflict against theshow).. i Just hope Hasbro knows what theyre doing..And also i forgot to add about that mysterious letter that posted on the internet Letter of Troll, Maybe?  I really can't Point a hoof on it if it is real or not.. It seems real but.. im not really convience plus by reading the comments it ''might'' be proven false.. so what do you think ?... Need your thoughts and oppinions :) that would be helpful

So yeah The spoilers/promo of twilight sparkle has been released on the last episode (EW )..Magical mystery cure and here are them picts...So what do you think? is this transformation is an illusion to the spell she made or this really official and permanent? what are your thoughts?I for one is speechless.. and i can only think up of this

FANMADE I Believe in M.A. Larson

.SO what are your thoughts guys? you agree or disagree with the changes?.. I for one is willing to accept these cha'''''nges.. but i hope i wont view MLP differently as this changes prolong.

Princess Coronation Clip, Twilight Sparkle

FANMADE Watermarkless Princess Twilight EW preview

Fun fact: did you know that Princess Cadence wasn't suppose to be a alicorn? as Lauren faust said it herself not alicorn

Thanks For reading and have a nice day everypony :D (srsly i need your thoughts)

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I guess season 3 is mostly focuses on twilight sparkle and why she was chosen by celestia..