So yeah... Feb 14. it's the year of hearts and whooves or valentines... whatever.. hehe. Since I am not going out with someone or i think im not. Im gonna hog all the chocolate on the fridge.

So anyway.. since it's valentines day or hearts and whooves as the fandom call it. I decided to make a game, a game i made up... A Shipping game to celebreat the day of cupid, it's a game called infinite shipping. It is like that Corrupt a wish game. The rules are very simple, First you must comment your ship then the latter or second name of that shipped characters, Must be shipped onto another character in a new comment.

For Example.

Rarity X Applejack, you see Rarity was Shipped to applejack, so the next Above comment must ship Applejack to another character in the show, it must be Mane 6. villains and background ponies.... No objects. Like tom the boulder and no pets.

Like So

Applejack X Trenderhoof, Now this is one of the crucial rule of the game, The previous shipped character must shipped into a new character. If you shipped it backwards again

Like So

Applejack X Rarity, that is wrong... it's like repeating the previous ship. it must be a different character, that's why it's called a Infinite love ship triangle

What if the ship got repeated

Like so

Rarity X Applejack

Applejack X Trenderhoof

Trenderhoof X Rarity

Rarity X Applejack

That is still fine, the ship can be repeated again and again just make sure after repeating the Ship you must ship that character onto a new different one.

Well... that's pretty much about it,have fun :) go knock yourselves out. and have a happy cupids day, valentines, or hearts and hooves day. Hope you get lots of love today...cuz i know i wont.... 

(Note: Im not good at making games)

Here a stupid sexy applejack photo as a gift for you.