Hello, another blog from nihi :3.

Now this is somewhat a personal blog, because i wanna ask you. What is your most personal episode of MLP FiM? Don't get misleaded by the tittle By personal I mean what episode of MLP FiM that relates to you or connected you  or reminded you something important? You can post as many as you want, Also even though all of the episode here relates to me doesn't mean that they are all my favorites.

Lessen Zero - yeah Lessen Zero, oh boy this was an episode that I related So much. I over react all the time especially at assignments or works that I haven't finish yet I will over react like hell. If you look outside you wont recognize it but most of the time, Im Panicking inside, i don't know what to do and just go nuts. Like how overly stressed you see twilight in that episode.

Suited for success - This episode really reminds me not only with rarity being too much perfectionist but also the mane 6 requested something that they don't know what they want. yeah most of the times I'm very critical on something that i will spout out some words that i am unsure if I mean it or not *cough MLP *cough, I can relate to that, when arguing I tend to say things that I don't even know and it leaves me very open. In Rarity's case I AM A HUGE PERFECTIONIST like even a single mistake it WILL drove me crazy, even how small it is. Tell me that im not a perfectionsit that if I torn a paper apart because I didn't like the looks of a single letter I wrote. That's why you always see me editing my comments all the time. :P

Hurricane Fluttershy - I think this is one of my favorites,I can relate strongly with fluttershy in this episode. In every project, also with friends, family ETC. You can't really escape being depended on. Sometimes they will assign you on an assignment that you think or know you can't accomplish, but in reality you can. You WILL feel afraid that they well get very disappointed on you because you will fail them, and they will scold at you, blame you because you let them down, because you know you don't trust in your abilities. This whole episode was guilt trip for me, it made me realize that hiding isn't really a solution. You really never know what your abilities are if you don't trust them yourself. Seeng fluttershy in that situation really reminded me most of my Real life situation and seeing her proving her wrong that she can do it with that slef confidence build up really just inspired me :P

Equestria Games and Daring Don't - this two episode also got a lot of hate, but personally i loved this two episode. Equestria games ataughtt a pretty good lesson. Even though the world is complementing you of your achievements, all of that will be nothing if you don't believe your achievement is worth it. While Daring don't kinda uplift that with its lesson. This was two also a slap in the face, like what i said. I don't believe in my abilities and sometimes receive someting like an achievment or a reward, I sometimes question it because I know I deserve it,  I always let myself down. like everything i did in my life was waste and the great things i did will only be forgetten. i will put myself in the lowest of low. in every team i always compare myself  to other people that they are very more better than me always, if i saw someone who is better something i like, i tend to get overwhelmed see my skills, talents or achievements as a waste. I don't even trust myself. But this two episode really gave me a lesson and a reminder that If you really don't trust yourself with your abilites, even you know how small it is it will still leave a big impact on your life and the only one who is stopping you is yourself

Putting Your Hoof down - Ah this episode was fun wasn't it? Fluttershy being all jerk and all that? etc. And i heard this episode was given a lot of hate, I don't why though. I love this episode, I really can relate to this is simply because it focus on change to oneself because you are tired of being nice. This episode reminded me of my change. You believe that you, yourself suck and you are willing to change yourself because you know it will be better for your future or because someone told Yeah this episode was also a guilt trip.Before highschool I was nice, very nice at the young age. i was very jolly hyper active open minded kid who smiles and talk to other people. But apperantly i've changed  to something more a little colder. yeah from that jolly kid to a wannabe critique jokester who talks to himself a lot. I am in a depth of growing up at that time and I came to wonder about my past self and I realize how foolish I was back then. I mean, I trusted people so easily and didn't notice the dangers, I was very nice and always treat most of my classmates out but soon I realized that they are just taking advantage of me. After that I've change, i begun distrusting people, not talking to them, I've became silent. This change also reached to a point where i started distrust a family member, but that's all good now, i came to myself that i was overly stressed at that time.i regret this change because I've become something what i hated the most... A monster.... 

Apple Family Reunion and Pinkie Apple Pie - Apple family reunion almost made me cry and gave me a lesson while Pinkie apple pie gave me a reminder, but both of them made me realize something, that no family is perfect, you're father isn't pefect, your mother isn't perfect, your sister/brother isn't perfect even you are not perfect. With those imperfection they are still there for you, and will love you still what imperfections, disabilites you have. They will not leave you for the rest of your life, they WILL help you, guide you give you advices that sometimes will annoy you because they don't want you to become something that you will regret in your future. Sure they always get in your nerves sometimes but family do that, because they care. This two episode really slapped me in the face. After that change i meantioned earlier, I stayed in my own little world for a while, like the typical i believe can do this because they always remind you the same stuff everyday and you already know your rights and wrong. Yeah I believed that i can do anything on my own (No i didn't run away just for that silly reason i just ignore their advice and prettended to listen), but Oh how wrong I was. After that little venturing in my own world tend to became more dependent on them, realizing that I really need them more than anything. Then this episode just Bam, hit me in the face, this two episode really reminded me how very important your family is to you. After this two episode, my bond to them became more closer than ever before and reminded me that Even though know everything you don't.

I wish i can put more but I'm afraid this is already a TLDR blog XD

-You know, You'll soon realize how great MLP is if you learn a lesson from it-