Nihilus Nix Naught

aka Weaver

  • I live in Manchester, UK
  • My occupation is High school student
  • I am Probably human.
  • Nihilus Nix Naught

    Ok, people, seriously. You all kinda need to grow up.

    What do you really expect from us? We are human, we cannot possibly be watching 24/7 and respond to everything. We have to deal with a situation as we see it. Mods try to do their job, and you guys give some of them nothing but absolute CRAP for it. What the hell?

    You guys... you have NO IDEA how easy we go on you. How easy you guys have it here. I have modded 2 wikis. This one, and the Creepypasta wiki chat. Now, let us do a quick comparison, shall we?

    In this chat, if you break a rule, you get several warnings unless the situation demands a kick, or sometimes, in extremely exceptional circumstances, a short, instant ban. Unless the user is a sock, a disruption only account, or a known tr…

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  • Nihilus Nix Naught


    November 13, 2014 by Nihilus Nix Naught

    I RickRolled the RickRoll QUEEN!

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