Ok, people, seriously. You all kinda need to grow up.

What do you really expect from us? We are human, we cannot possibly be watching 24/7 and respond to everything. We have to deal with a situation as we see it. Mods try to do their job, and you guys give some of them nothing but absolute CRAP for it. What the hell?

You guys... you have NO IDEA how easy we go on you. How easy you guys have it here. I have modded 2 wikis. This one, and the Creepypasta wiki chat. Now, let us do a quick comparison, shall we?

In this chat, if you break a rule, you get several warnings unless the situation demands a kick, or sometimes, in extremely exceptional circumstances, a short, instant ban. Unless the user is a sock, a disruption only account, or a known troll, the bans are only ever short. 1-2 hours at most.

Now, on a normal day, we give at least 2-3 warnings before we even kick you. Then, you get another kick if you carry on before a ban is even CONSIDERED. If you are really stupid, and you'd have to be stupid not to get the message after all that, then you get a ban of 2 hours maximum, if it is your first offence.

And now we move on to how we have to act on the Creepypasta wiki, and trust me, it is much harsher than here. On the Creepypasta wiki, we have instant, one day bans for a few of our rules. You say a slur? Bye bye. You spam? Bye bye. Anything else? You get one warning, or depending on how long you've been annoying people and mods, an instant kick. After that, it is ban time. Usually, the regular ban is 2-12 hours. None of that one hour babying stuff we have here.

Does that throw it into a little more perspective for you? It had better, because if there is one thing I shall NOT stand for, it is harassment of mods for trying to do their jobs. I had better be making myself clear to you all on this, I do not normally make blogs like this one, but this is not happening.

Now, everyone needs to drop whatever grudges they have against mods, because we do try our best and go easy on you all a lot, and move on. I shall not be easy on anyone who openly harasses mods or causes drama over this in main chat from this point onwards.

Thank you for reading.