I am a huge Derpy Hooves supporter.  I try not to get overly excited or reactionary when people state they want her out of the show or want her edited.  I try to think of ways to heal the situation caused by the Derpy scandal and look for places in the show where tiny changes could be made to do this in a way that children could learn from.  Since Derpy has had VERY few appearances in S3, here is my latest idea, I am sharing it in the hopes that maybe some other people could add this to their imaginations and it will help heal some of the arguing and discord (pun intended) that has been going on for months now.  If you like I could post more such ideas:

REGARDING:  S3, Episode "Apple Family Reunion", the scene where Rainbow Dash fills AJ's buckets with rainwater.

I feel that Rainbow Dash's part in this scene is just SCREAMING that it should have been/could have been Derpy, not Rainbow!  I mean, Rainbow does the EXACT same dance animation on top of the cloud as Derpy did in The Last Roundup. Then AJ gets shocked and uses the EXACT same model as Derpy did when she shocked herself. THEN it goes further and Rainbow does the EXACT same "It wasn't me!" pose as Derpy did when she dropped the piano on Twi in Feeling Pinkie Keen. In this particular scene, this evidence all seems to indicate that the production team IS in fact banned from showing Derpy, and if this scene had happened in S1 or S2 that would have been Derpy filling the buckets. However, instead of just pointing out my opinion on that possibility, given Derpy's current situation, I will suggest a slight edit of my own. Let Rainbow fill the buckets exactly as the current scene is. BUT, when the lightning strikes at AJ, Derpy flies in quickly and saves her and the bolt strikes the ground harmlessly leaving a scorch mark. AJ looks relieved and Derpy turns around and crosses her arms, annoyed with Rainbow's carelessness. Rainbow THEN makes the "It wasn't me" pose. If they had time, the PERFECT end to the scene would be Rainbow looks back at Derpy and instead of staying mad, Derpy rushes in and hugs her. There would be no dialogue or naming of Derpy in the scene because I don't think Derpy's name or voice can lead to healing the scandal's damage anymore.

This represents my idea of how Hasbro could work to heal the Derpy scandal IN THE SHOW, using methods that children can learn from. My version would show that (1) "regular" ponies like Rainbow can make mistakes while working too (2) Derpy is not always clumsy and useless as her haters claim, but saves AJ from the lightning (3) Haters claim that Rainbow was "mean" to Derpy after she made a mistake at the Town Hall construction site, and by showing Derpy annoyed with Rainbow's mistake, it shows that Derpy and Rainbow are equals and can both experience annoyance with the other at times and (4) The optional hug would be 20% cooler because it shows that Derpy and Rainbow can also both equally forgive mistakes and are great friends. Hasbro's current version in my opinion just continues to show that they are willing to cut a pony for political correctness, forcing children to give up their innocent love of Derpy and shifting the responsibility of Hasbro's perceived mistake onto parents to explain why Derpy was retconned despite the fact that parents had nothing to do with making the mistake. If Hasbro does in fact think such a huge mistake was made and the mistake warranted something as severe as a retcon, they owe it to the children who watch the show to step up and make ACTIVE statements in the SHOW to take responsibility for that mistake and correct it like the one I outlined above for those children who love Derpy Hooves.

Thanks for reading and pony on!