Hey everypony! Ninja Fluttershy here with some speculation on everyone's favorite cowpony: Applejack.

Personally, I think Applejack is way cool. She's honest, responsible, loyal, and always works her hardest on the farm.

But what about how her personal life is? If I interpreted it correctly, she's living such a hard, demanding life, how can she keep up with it all?

She's got a grandmother that seems to be slowly going crazy, all her little sister cares about is getting her cutie mark, she had two salesponies who were out to ruin her and take her farm from her, her parents are dead, she was in charge of running her entire family reunion because none of her family would help her, and she has so many chores and work to do on the farm, it's a wonder she ever gets any time to just have fun with her friends (as stated by Pinkie Pie in this song).

How does she feel about her life? Endless work, no help to harvest apples except from her brother, who was hurt one time, so she has to harvest the entire orchard by herself, and her stubbornness at not accepting help when she really does need it. This could ultimately be her downfall if the show had a darker tone to it.

Tis was just some speculation, so feel free to leave comments about it. Later, everypony!

Ninja Fluttershy Ultimately Fluttershy 18:39, December 22, 2012 (UTC) 04:41, March 2, 2013 (UTC)